Ekster Smart Wallet Review

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Ekster Smart Wallet Review

Wallets are the most common item to carry around after our phones, so it makes sense, that they would be getting smarter. The Ekster Wallet from eksterwallets.com is one such smart wallet, starting out being 100% funded in under 20 hours, raising over $75,000.


The Ekster comes in two flavours the Senate and the bigger Parliament. The Senate is a cardholder for the minimalists out there. It offers room for 8+ cards, RFID/NFC protection for 5 cards, and has an integrated BLE tracker. Available in Coffee Brown, Black and Steel Blue. The Parliament is a leather bi-fold wallet for those that want maximum storage and minimum bulk. It offers room for 12+ cards & coins/cash, RFID/NFC protection for 5 cards, and has an integrated BLE tracker. Available in Coffee Brown, Black and Steel Blue.

The tracker inside the wallet synchronizes seamlessly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Using the app to connect to the wallet, I can then use the map function to locate or ring the wallet, or ring my phone using the wallet! The tracker battery lasts up to 6 months and can be recharged using a micro USB cable.

I love the look of them, and the fact they are made from a high quality leather, means that they a good amount of protection. The feel in the hand is great


What I really liked was the card loading system. There is a storage section within the wallet, the cards are stored within it. Then with a click of a button the cards spring out for easy access. This storage section is also where the protection of your cards is done.


I thought this were fantastic wallets with amazing functionality. The prices are $109 for the Parliament and $99 for the Senate. I’m not buzzing about the price. Though can you put a price on never loseing your cards, and keeping your information protected.




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