eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone: A Great Home Office Addition


eMeet Luna Wireless Speakerphone add convenient features, and improve your work-from-home experience during those daily scheduled conference calls.

The last few month I’ve been working from home, and my home was not ready for me to be here all day, every day. So I’ve steadily been trying to improve my home office workspace.

To compliment the new office furniture and set up, I’ve have received a conferencing speakerphone that I really didn’t realize i needed. Up until now, audio and voice of my scheduled Teams or Zoom meetings always flowed through a budget pair of bluetooth earbuds. They’ve worked adequately, no problems, and consistent. Although, I did not realize how great the addition of the eMeet Luna speakerphone would be.


The speakerphone arrived in blue and white, well designed packaging. Upon opening and flipping back the cover, first thing I saw was the main unit itself and all accessories below it in thin molded plastic. Removing the speakerphone from the packaging I’m immediately impressed by the weight and sturdy look and feel of the simple design of the metal puck style device. It has nice no-slip rubber pads on the bottom, to keep it stationary.

I proceeded to took a closer look at the matte black housing and all it’s feature.                eMeet Luna Speakerphone

Topside are the functional buttons, left to right:

  • AI noise reduction control – Greatly reducing the background noise in the room
  • Answer/Reject incoming calls
  • Reduce volume
  • Mute/Unmute microphone
  • Volume increase
  • Bluetooth connect
  • Power on/off

Also on top of the device is a 5 LED notification light that performs several functions. When muted the lights turn red. For incoming calls, you be notified by all lights blinking green. They will blink red when the battery is low. For volume changing, the LEDs will turn a cyan color. If you connect via USB the device the center light will illuminate green. A quick press of the power button when the eMeet Luna is on the battery indicator will light up, letting you know battery life.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone

Located to the rear of the eMeet Luna wireless speakerphone there are 4 inputs:

The first port is for the included USB-A/USB-C cable for charging.

There’s is an Out/Link port for wiring audio from the device to another external speaker. Likely not needed working from home, you can also daisy chain multiple Lunas. Although, in an office setting with multiple participants in the same room, and on the conference call, this would be a great option.

Utilizing the bluetooth capabilities and the 2600mAh power bank, you get great portability and long use out of the battery. This speakerphone also comes with a bluetooth dongle (attached to the bottom side of the device) if you need to use it with a computer that doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities.

The third input is for the included 3.5mm cable for wired connection to an input device such as a smartphone. Doing this, the speakerphone will replace the mic and speaker of your phone.

The last is a lock port to prevent theft, which requires the purchase of a lock that is compatible. Additional information is noted in the user manual.
eMeet Luna Speakerphone


This speakerphone has been a great part of my daily work-from-home tasks. I’m involved with anywhere for 2-4 meeting a day. Using this the eMeet Luna has made this much easier, and given my ears a break from the earbud all day long.

Also it had very much improved the audio quality on both ends of online meeting through MS Teams, Skype, and even Zoom. Other members of the meetings have confirmed the audio quality is much better when I’m using this device. I would highly recommend the eMeet Luna wireless speakerphone, if you’re looking for a solution.

You can find it on Amazon for $100 with Prime, and right now there’s a 20% coupon when you visit the page. At this price and from my quality experience using it, it’s a great investment. So many others out there with the same functions at a much higher price, this speakerphone is a great option without sacrificing the quality!

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