FIIL T1 X True Wireless Sweatproof Earbuds Review


The FIIL T1 X True Wireless Earbuds are just one model in various other portable bluetooth audio designs for the brand. These headphones/earbuds also come with a companion app called FIIL+ which can be found in the Play Store or IOS App Store. We’ll also take a brief look at the app today, and learn how to utilize this app along side you brand new FIIL earbuds.

Design & Packaging

The earbuds came in a nicely designed package, full color with all the general information describing briefly the functions and features of the T1 X model. Included inside the box was everything needed to get started:

  1. 1 set of True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
  2. 3 sizes of extra earbud caps
  3. 2 sizes of extra ear hooks
  4. 1 Charging Case
  5. USB/USB-C Charging cable
  6. Quick Start Guide
  7. User Manual

The earbuds are black with the FIIL logo printed on the Smart Touch Control area. The design is nice and compact, all with-in a small charging case that you can carry anywhere without it getting in the way. They are compliant with and IP65 rating, resistant to sweat, water, and dust. The ear hook is designed as a loop on top of the earbud, as opposed to the more common hook style. The earbuds feel noticeable more secure in my ears with this design. The multiple sizes of both the earbud caps and hooks are easy to take on an off, and offer choices for the best and most comfortable fit.


Connection & Charging

This device offers Bluetooth 5.0 with Quick Link 2.0. Just open the charging case and pairing is automatic. You’ll get 2 hours of playtime and this may seem a little low for one looking to get a full day of music. Although with the charging case, a quick 10 minute charge and your back up and jamming again. The charging case offers 24 hours of recharging via USB-C, with a 40 minutes to a full charge of a dead charging case. The audio for phone calls was nice and clear on both ends. Definitely dive into the user manual to get a good handle on the Smart Touch Controls. As with all touch control earbuds, you’ll have a bit of a learning curve to hit that right spot to double and triple tap.

Application & Audio Quality

Included with this device is an app called FIIL+. The app can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app will let the user modify the configuration of the sound quality and other settings. The first tab of the app shows you the battery level individually of the left and right earbuds. The second tab shows three main options when adjusting the the audio quality to your preference: Bass, Original, and Treble. To extend the range of sound, choose a EQ type at the top right. The last tab give you access to more configuration options such as Easy Mode, Low Latency Mode, Smart Touch Tweaks, and Advanced Settings where you can reset the earbuds, or re-sync the left and right. Also included in the very top right of the app, is a link to a music player for playing your onboard music.

When I first started testing the FIIL T1 X earbuds I wasn’t using the app, so I wasn’t immediately thrilled with the sound quality. They were certainly loud enough, and stayed connected well, and call quality was great. But, they were lacking in the stereo, hifi sound. So I realized that the app must have been key. It’s a very simple interface and with the options in the EQ, you will find that perfect sound. My suggestion is to absolutely download the FIIL+ app, which you can find link in the paragraph above.


I’ve really enjoyed using the FIIL T1 X True Wireless Earbuds. The sound is great when you find that perfect setup. The touch controls are easy to handle. The design has fit perfectly in my ears compared to some of the more recent ones I’ve tested. If you are in need of quality earbuds at a decent price hit that Amazon link below.

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