shot drive mode you have to press three times. Designed for quick shooting at google_ad_height = 600; It has no Auto ISO, so I have to jack the ISO around manually for each shot, although I can do it without removing my eye from the finder. My apologies If this has been previously answered. I use the Yongnuo RF602 triggers with my 5D and flashes (540EZ, 550EX and Bowens esprits) and they work flawlessly. on the dial, but oh well, Nikon provides none of these. This means if you have a single-pixel red pip of a flower on a green background, that the redness (but not sharpness) is smeared a bit. I for one have been using M42 thread mount lenses since I’ve used the 5D Classic which I find really adds another level to the already filmic aesthetic of the … It has firmware version 1.1.0. Originally posted ages ago. As I recall, Program Shift doesn't work with flash, which is stupid. Colors look like crap on my 5D's LCD, so I have to guess while shooting. I guess a combination of both is also a winning combination (lets say an ab portable kit, and a canon 430ex... for times where you really need to have less power, or where it's enough - saving you the job to carry around larger kits). In Fall 2006 it was about $2,100 after mail-in rebates. so on that note, just from experience, id go the cybersync route. 1-16 of 72 results for "canon 5d classic" Canon EOS 5D 12.8 MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) 4.2 out of 5 stars 241. The camera accepts EF lens mount lenses. My Canon 5D, bought around November 2006 when Canon was giving a $600 rebate and with a serial number beginning with 1, has the worst, dimmest and most off-color LCD I've ever used, just like the 30D. It's been over ten years since DPReview published the review of the Canon EOS 5D. Weird, but true. Thankfully, (unlike the Nikon F system) the EOS system is fairly friendly when it comes to using classic lenses. Home   Donate   New   Search   Gallery   How-To   Books   Links   Workshops   About   Contact, Canon 5D The one C setting on my 5D is pure genius. I use my LCD to set color and exposure as I shoot which gives me printer-perfect JPGs directly out of my 5D without needing to jerk around in RAW, so I wish the LCD was up to it. I set that for use in my studio under strobes, so it recalls my manual white balance for my strobes, the ISO and contrast and exposure and everything, every time. ages ago Thank you for purchasing a Canon product. AB+vagabond is pretty portable... but nothing like a small flash fitting your camera bag, and say another tripod bag for 1 tripod and apollo softbox (bungee'ed to this bag). If you want radio you can look at the Radio Popper Px system or the new Pocket Wizards (that are having all sorts of reliability issues with Canon flash units). I'd love to have faster data transfer via the USB port, and preferably, a Firewire 800 port. Canon EOS 5D (body only) 0296B002 $1,734.95.