- Garden Therapy. 6 watching. The varieties range in size from 1 foot tall to 3 feet tall. Keep an eye out for aphids. I put the hellebore in a permanent place under the large spreading Apple trees, in the end in the summer they are in the shade, and in winter (when, in fact, blooms hellebore) it is provided with a sufficient amount of light. All varieties are mounding plants with strap-like leaves of green or blue-green. Here in the Pacific Northwest the blooming of Hellebores is a favorite late winter reminder that spring is right around the corner. Copyright © 1997-2020, J&P Park Acquisitions, Inc. We offer many other popular species of hellebore for sale, including the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, the bear claw hellebore, Helleborus foetidus, the hard-to-find helleborus orientalis. Some varieties feature double-petalled flowers, giving them a nostalgic rose-like quality. Tolerant of both the extreme cold and heat, this is a gorgeous evergreen to have in your garden year-round. Helleborus not very demanding to soil but grow best in partial shade of shrubs and trees — where drained loose soil is always wet. 9000 SE Division, Portland, OR 97266. Hellebores are also deer resistant and somewhat drought tolerant. Forms a compact clump. Pest and Disease: Helleborus have few problems with disease but they are susceptible to black fungal rot. Noteworthy varieties include ‘Silver Lace’ which is a new variety with silver foliage and creamy flowers. Helleborus Hellebore Garden Plant 'Christmas Carol' Gift Wrapped 12cm Pots T&M. This species is commonly hybridized with other species to form Helleborus x hybridus which results in varieties as diverse in color as apricot, blue, black and maroon red. Phone: 503.231.5050 Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. Flowers have pinkish buds opening to white with a green center. These gorgeous plants are easy to grow in containers as well as in fully and partly shaded garden sites. Evergreen plant for shady spots, plant under trees as a groundcover for winter interest. Perennial. Some of our favorite species of Hellebores are described in greater detail below. Their flowers provide color and interest in the shade garden when other plants are dormant. Prefers well drained soil. £5.25. In addition, they don’t like to be divided or transplanted. Phone: 503.788.9000 Tolerant of both the extreme cold and heat, this is a gorgeous evergreen to have in … 5050 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97215, Portland Nursery on Division $12.90 $ 12. Perennial Farm Marketplace Helleborus x Frostkiss 'Molly's White' (Lenten Rose) Perennial, Size-#1 Container, Cream Flowers. Leaves are divided into three leaflets that are toothed in texture with spiny margins. Helleborus Rio Carnival Rare Flowering Perennial Live Plant … Add Helleborus groundcover to your yard when you shop Bluestone Perennials today. Plant hellebore in shaded spots, such as beneath trees, in your yard. The picture below shows an example of a plant's description page, which contains information about the plant and the option to add it to your shopping cart. 90. Officially known as Helleborus ‘Walhelivor PPAF,’ this Helleborus is a hybrid of two other hybrids, ‘x nigercors’ and ‘x ericsmithii.’ Noteworthy are its upright blooming cream and pink colored flowers, as well as its light-green serrated leaves with red stems. Helleborus TROPICAL SUNSET Lenten Rose Flower Hellebore Plant Perennial. Known as the Corsican Helleborus, this species is evergreen and hardy to Zone 6 with good protection. Known as the Stinking Helleborus, this species is evergreen and known to be pungent if crushed. Helleborus Tropical Sunset Rare Flowering Perennial Live Plant Lenten Rose. $3.00 shipping. These hybrids are very popular and include cultivars such as 'Gepunktete' which is intensely spotted and series such as Mardi Gras (black, green, slate, white and yellow flowers) and(apricot, double pink, double white, double purple, green, pink and yellow flowers) which each have a range of colors. Portland Nursery carries a changing variety of many types listed below. Hellebores are popular plants for semi-shaded spots in the garden. 100pcs Black Hellebore Seeds Flowers Potted Plants Decor Home Garden DIY. Even amidst the winter chill, these delicate blooms can begin to show their remarkable colors. #YourTMGarden. Helleborus prefer a shaded location that is evenly moist but well drained. ©2020 Northwest Garden Nursery 86813 Central Rd., Eugene, OR 97401 (541)935-3915 or info@nwgnursery.cominfo@nwgnursery.com Culture: Most prefer woodland conditions with deep, fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil and dappled shade. Blooming in late winter, these majestic flowers are one of the first plants to bloom in the shade garden. This is the store and website for Pine Knot Farms, which specializes in cultivating and selling hellebores plants Sort By: Show out of stock items? Hellebores are best known for their early blooming flowers. Portland Nursery on Stark Helleborus blooms appear soft and subtle but are much tougher than they look. This hellebore is just stunning, with masses of deep burgundy red flowers on red stems from winter through to mid spring. Helleborus blossoms alert us that spring will soon arrive. Family: Ranunculaceae Genus: Helleborus Common Name: Helleborus, Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose Culture: Helleborus can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions as long as plants have good drainage. $6.99 shipping. Their most impressive feature is their five-petal bowl-shaped flowers which appear from late winter into spring in colors as diverse as apricot, yellow, green, metallic blue, slate, dusky pink, maroon and white. The Different Types of Roses: An Ultimate Guide, Climbing Clematis Flowers, Plants & Vines, 7 Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Planter Ideas, Helleborus Wedding Party™ 'Confetti Cake', Helleborus Wedding Party® 'Wedding Bells', Helleborus Wedding Party™ 'Dark and Handsome', Helleborus 'California Dreaming' HONEYMOON® Series, Helleborus 'Maid of Honor' WEDDING PARTY® Series, Helleborus 'Vegas Nights' HONEYMOON® Series. Add a lovely splash of early-season color to your shady garden spots with Helleborus! Hellebores are usually low growing plants with short-stemmed, often toothed, palmate foliage. Part sun plants tolerate 3-6 hours of morning sun per day. or Best Offer. helleborus Hellebore orientalis Double White in a 9cm pot. Click & Collect. Many of our hellebore offerings are grown from our own in-house selections, but we also obtain hellebore plants from the top breeders around the world and make them available to you. Saved by Matthew Wahlrab. Signup for our e-mails and get a discount coupon*! Please contact us for current availability. Flowers are light green to red-tinted and erect with conspicuous leafy bracts. Maintenance: Easy to grow in the shade garden. Slugs and snails also are known to attack young growth. Facts: Helleborus. Home | The genus of Helleborus is comprised of 15 different species and belongs to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). Home; Helleborus (Hellebore) RESERVE YOUR FREE SPRING 2021 CATALOG . See our features on the Winter Jewel Series and the Gold Collection of Hellebores. Pink Lady Hellebore – 2005 Perennial Plant of the Year. Originating from Britain to Hungary, this species has dark green leaves with 5 to 13 narrow leaflets. Gardenista's picks for Hellebores from our authorative sourcebook for home furnishings and home remodeling with over 1000s of carefully selected products to make the best of your home. Largely a hybrid of Helleborus orientalis and another species such as H. cyclophyllus, H. odorus, H. purpurascens or H. viridis. This species is hardy to Zone 3 with protection. Up facing white with a lovely pink tint above leathery, glossy, deep green leaves. £9.99. . We grow 50,000 plants and have three large, purpose built shade-houses. helleborus Hellebore orientalis Red Double in a 9cm pot. Their most impressive feature is their five-petal bowl-shaped flowers which appear from late winter into spring in colors as diverse as apricot, yellow, green, metallic blue, slate, dusky pink, maroon and white. In addition, petals may be spotted or picoteed, referring to the narrow band of darker color found on the edge of the petals. In addition, their leaf structure is interesting enough to make them a foundation of the shade garden year-round, even when their flowers are spent. Hellebores (sometimes spelt Helebore or Helleborous) are long lived plants in the right conditions and once established tolerate dry periods though they prefer moist conditions. Known commonly as the Lenten rose, this species is a semi-evergreen winter-flowering species from northern Turkey and Greece. Once established, water one time per week. A few of the many great attributes of this versatile plant is the ability to do well near the seacoast and to grow well in both sun or shade. “Royal Heritage” is a strain that is known for its wide diversity of colors and patterns on large two-inch wide pendulous flowers. HELLEBORUS orientalis 'Yellow Lady' > This species has light green leaves with many light green colored flowers displayed on stalks. PVR. Another popular hybrid is Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince.’. Note: Native plant pages will take you into the Native Plant section. Common Name: Helleborus, Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose. Lomandra varieties vary in size, leaf color, and leaf blade width. Water plants often the first year. This is the first red hellebore with dark green marbled leaves. Water plants often the first year; once established, water one time per week. This is an attractive low maintenance species that provides lots of winter interest. These splendid evergreen plants, also known as Winter Rose, Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose boast gracefully arching 2- to 3-inch blooms, each with five gently overlapping petals that come in a variety of rich colours. Shade Plants. Notify me when this plant is available to order Available Early Spring 2021 - Should be available March/April onwards depending on growing conditions. Hellebores can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions as long as plants have good drainage. Handy Brochures. In the shadiest conditions plants may be smaller and flowering may be sparse. They are ideal planted in drifts in a woodland garden setting. California Native Landscape California Garden Southern California Tall Shrubs Tall Plants Evergreen Bush Trees For Front Yard Wind Break Drought Resistant Plants. 25. Hellebores are perennial and largely evergreen. Origin: Temperate zones from Europe to Western China; many grow in the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe. Succulent Plants (20 Pack) Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil, Real Potted Succulents Plants Live Houseplants, Unique Indoor Cacti Mix, Cactus Decor by Plants for Pets 4.3 out of 5 stars 810 $41.33 Inventory varies daily November through May. They are an excellent companion for hostas, woodland flowers, ferns and other shade-loving plants.

Though buried under snow, hellebores survive to push flowers up through the last vestiges of winter's grasp to bloom in shades of white, yellow, purple, red or pink.

Models of ruggedness and determination, hellebores are stars when few other plants are flowering in northern gardens. £3.25 postage. Here are pictures and descriptions of native plants that will work as a hedge in California. Leaves are coarsely serrated and flowers are variable from pure white to red-black, often with spotting. Plant hellebore in shaded spots, such as beneath trees, in your yard; it's ideal with early spring bulbs and other shade loving perennials; be sure you can enjoy its wintertime flowers wherever you grow it. It's ideal with early-spring bulbs and other shade-loving perennials. They prefer woodland conditions with deep, fertile, humus-rich soil and dappled shade. Watch. Typical flower colors include white, pink, rose, reddish-purple, deep purple and even black. Native plants make a very drought tolerant hedge. 158 sold. 16 watching. $15.99. We have a wonderful selection of perennials year round, but if you are looking for a specific perennial we will have the best selection when it is in bloom around town. Live plants will ship according to our Spring Shipping Schedule. ... Hellebore Plants. Classes | The shade houses were designed specifically for growing hellebores.They are covered to keep out the rain, shaded, to control light and temperature and also quite high to enable us to … This species is very hardy and a good garden plant once established. Evergreen. Hellebores are rhizomatous, herbaceous or semi-evergreen perennials that are an iconic and sought-after plant for a winter garden. House Plants for Bright Spots Shade Tolerant House Plants Foliage House Plants Flowering House Plants Trailing & Hanging House Plants Air Purifying House Plants Orchids Ferns Cacti & Succulents. Hellebores are usually low growing plants with short-stemmed, often toothed, palmate foliage. *10% off on purchase of $75 or more per recipient. 95. Varieties carried by Portland Nursery include ‘Wester Flisk,’ 'Aromatique,’ ‘Giant Form,’ ‘Gold Bullion’ and ‘Red Silver.’, Known as the Christmas Rose, the Helleborus niger is winter to spring flowering, evergreen and native to the Alps of northern Italy to southern Germany. Free postage. Offer valid for first time registrants only. Most varieties are variable and represent selected seedling material with an eye towards different flower colors. Gift Certificates 10% Off – Buy Now! The young seedlings usually have a different shade to the parent due to natural hybridising, which just adds to their charm. Be sure you can enjoy its wintertime flowers wherever you grow it. Sign up today! Selected Hellebores (44) Selected plants for Autumn/Winter containers (1) Selected plants for shade (5) Selected plants for town gardens (4) Selected spring colour (12) Selected winter Interest (41) Selected winter interest plants (1) Get the season started early with these gorgeous Helleborus! $24.95 $ 24. Helleborus orientalis and its hybrids are quick to seed, so you will soon notice young seedlings appearing throughout summer and autumn, often nestled near to the parent plants. Plant in full to part shade. Many Helleborus are evergreen but benefit from having old foliage removed before they bloom in late winter to early spring. $14.99. Leaves of this species are dark green, leathery and divided into 7 to 9 leaflets. Feb 22, 2017 - Here are some of the most popular hellebore varieties and a list of some notable ones that would be a beautiful addition to your garden. Helleborus blooms appear soft and subtle but are much tougher than they look. Locations | 5 Stunning Hellebore Varieties You MUST See! Article from gardentherapy.ca. Liven up your landscape with the rich green foliage and simple, elegant flowers of the remarkable Hellebore, or Helleborus.
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