However, there are other, more elaborate ways to stop slugs eating plants, whether in plant pots or not, which you can learn in my new book, Slug Prevention the natural way, which gives a fuller explanation of over 100 slug prevention techniques. When wondering how to get rid of slugs, a gentle method is to use plants which deter them and act... 2. So don't hurt them! Turns out, they need that slime to move around. Make sure the bran doesn’t get wet, though. better success when you understand how copper works, because it’s Regardless, you can do some basic practices to keep slugs off your strawberry plants. Get up to 55% off a super-soft teddy duvet set! Slug nematodes are among the most beneficial and effective way to control slugs, with the exception of ground slugs because nematodes live in the soil. Once ingested, the nematodes become a parasite causing the slug to swell up to the extent that they stop feeding within a few days, then die within a week to ten days. They also tend to favor moist and dark areas such as under wood planks and cardboard boxes. Type above and press Enter to search. They can be harmful to people with a weakened immune system. For the traps to work though, it’s best to use a container to set the beer trap and bury that in the ground leaving about 1” above the soil – just enough for a slug or a snail to slither into. Death by beer; what a way to go! Coffee grounds are also scratchy … If you don’t have nocturnal birds in The effect of slugs rasping leaves tiny holes on the foliage of plants, but those are large enough for snails to sink their tiny little teeth into, exasperating the damage. Discover six ways to stop slugs eating young plants, below. Stop Slugs Eating Plants In Pots Bonus Method. This is a cheap and safe method, if you want to reduce the risk of slugs eating your plants in your plant pots. Slugs are a common pest of peppers and tomatoes. The three main types of plant-eating Slugs primarily feed at night or during overcast and rainy days. Some pellets are more effective than others. For those who’d rather not kill the slugs, you can tempt them into containers such as glass jars or empty milk cartons by placing some foods they’re attracted to in the containers. Hi! Pellets made from ferric phosphate are approved for use by organic growers and are just as effective as non-organic ones but less harmful to birds and other wildlife. Organic pellets usually contain ferric phosphate and they’re just as effective as any other type of slug pellet without the harsh effects on everything else they come into contact with. This simply means heading out to your borders with a fork and turning the soil over – which is likely set in place after a few hard frosts – to reveal the fresh ground … If instead it looks like most of your plant was cut off with scissors, you probably have rabbits. Whether they work or not depends on how many you use. Stop slugs and snails eating basil plants in pots by using Vaseline and salt around the perimeter of the pot. Just grab some ammonia and water, then mix them up in a spray bottle. Copper’s believed to cause a mild electric shock, making it unpleasant for slugs, causing them to turn and go elsewhere. This hardy shrub is usually £14.99 per 3L plant. If slugs are bothering in your garden, then keep these little insects to coarsely crumbled eggshells all around the plant to eat. Here’s the results: After seeing the inefficiency of beer Naturally, some types are more effective than others. Remove shelter & encourage beneficial wildlife. Plants helping plants. The wider a barrier you can set with crushed eggshells, the better results you’ll have. Naturally, as there are a range of methods you can use to stop slugs from eating your plants, some methods listed above will be more effective than others. Snails and slugs are attracted to the beer, crawl inside in a greedy effort to absorb all they can, and die. Catch and release with a “hiding place” trap. Supplied in pretty zinc pots with gift labels, ideal for Christmas displays. The majority of birds will feed early morning, with the exception of a few nocturnal birds such as the night heron, which is usually found in North America, but are starting to be found further afield – as far as the UK. Egg shells have a similar effect on slugs and snails as copper, only without the effect of drying them out. Kick off the festive season in this creative event on how to make your own unique decorations. The idea is that because slugs are attracted to it, they’ll sip the liquid, fall in, then drown. How to get rid of slugs: 1. The above steps should help protect your plants from the hungry, smaller young slugs. They’re only a deterrent so far as in it’s uncomfortable for them to slide their bodies over crushed egg shells because of the sharpness. In the first instalment of this two-part video from 2012, Carol Klein looks at some of the plants most loved by slugs and snails, such as hosta and Kirengeshoma palmata. Two things happen when you feed bran to slugs and none are a pretty sight. Over the last few years I’ve tested out a number of different ways to control snails and stop them eating … You can stop slugs and snails simply by harvesting on time. Allow natural predators to thrive. A no-fail food that’s going to attract slugs is strawberries.
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