His mouth curves with one word until it changes. 58 Sophie and Keefe met midway through Keeper of the Lost Cities and since that time the two have become good friends. Sophie tells Keefe that she and he could work together to save his mom. Keefe Sencen Is Mine (account may include extreme fangirling please be aware) Posts; Archive; Yer a elf Sophie. Sophie seems cares about Keefe a lot. She blushed at the slightest catch in his voice – and then wished she hadn't when he flashed his trademark smirk. Keefe sends Sophie blue mental breezes while reminding her to breathe and tells her, "You've got this". So what will it be: an impossibly teal-eyed boy or a certain Lord Hunkyhair? '", "'Keefe--' He took her hand, waiting for her to meet his eyes. ", "'No, Foster. You're my only hope. But that doesn't mean I don't care. He also admits that he likes Sophie in the short story again. Sophie grabs Keefe's hand and put it on her collarbone so he would know what happened with her and Fitz. 'Why would I hate you?' He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Fitz), Dex ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Sophie ♥ Marella♥ Keefe and Sophie, Sophie ♥ Dex ♥ Tam ♥ Marella ♥ Jensi ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Linh and Sophie, Pairings with Dexter Alvin Dizznee (a.k.a Dex), Sophie ♥ Biana ♥ Tam ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Fitz ♥ Marella ♥ Stina, Sophie ♥ Tam ♥ Biana ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Dex ♥ Jensi ♥ Fitz ♥ Stina, Sophie ♥ Tam ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Fitz ♥ Linh♥ Sophie and Fitz, Sophie ♥ Keefe ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Glimmer, Sophie ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Fitz ♥ Sophie and Biana ♥ Wylie ♥ Linh, Alden and Alina ♥ Alden and Della ♥ Brant and Jolie ♥ Elwin and Physic ♥ Grady and Edaline ♥ Cassius and Gisela ♥ Oralie and Kenric ♥ Quinlin and Physic ♥ Tiergan and Prentice ♥ Tam and Glimmer, Bo and Ro ♥ Cad and Ro ♥ Lur and Mitya ♥ Sandor and Grizel ♥ Silveny and Greyfell, Sokeefe, Keefoster, Team Foster-Keefe, Keephie, Seefe. She lashes out, unlike her usual self. ", "She threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him as tight as she could. . Despite his father's seriousness, Keefe is fun-loving, even giving the nickname Glitter Butt to Silveny despite her importance. Sophie admits that she wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t have him, and Keefe reassures her that she’d be fine. . The toes of their boots were almost touching, and his breath felt warm on her cheeks. 'That no matter what you learn . Please help grow this article by editing and adding useful information. Sophie wants to hug Keefe goodbye but didn't. Keefe said that Sophie could never look bad. Keefe knows his biological father, while Sophie does not. Keefe Sencen (95) Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities) (73) Fitz Vacker (55) Biana Vacker (42) Dex Dizznee (37) Tam Song (29) Linh Song (27) Sophie Foster (25) Edaline Ruewen (22) Grady Ruewen (21) Include Relationships Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen (104) Sophie Foster/Fitz Vacker (17) Tam Song/Biana Vacker (10) Dex Dizznee/Fitz Vacker (8) When they are talking about how they were flying over the ocean on, Sophie holds Keefe's arms and says she has a bad feeling, but Keefe covers her hand with his and promises that he won't lose against. 12.3K 296 19. Sophie says she is glad she met him too. I protested. Keefe squeezes Sophie's hand, interlacing their fingers to send her a gentle breeze. you won't hate me.' Keefe moves to Sophie's side, whispering that he understands what she's saying. PLEASE, NO HATE GUYS!!! ", "‘You keep trying to fix everything, Sophie. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him. Sophie felt like he wasn't kidding because of how soaked and shaky and pale he was, and because she couldn't stop shivering, she moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. tags: keefe, keefequotes, keefesencen, kotlc, sokeefe, sophiefoster, teamfoster-keefe. Sophie states that the intensity of Keefe's stare turned everything floaty and fluttery. Keefe's smile turned unbearably sweet, 'Me too, Foster. Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen (1) They are goofy (1) keefe be so hot (1) Other work tags to include Other bookmarker's tags to include Exclude ? Keefe tells Sophie that he likes her eyes because they are much warmer than blue eyes. IF YOU LIKE IT YOU LIKE IT IF YOU DONT YOU DONT!!! He whispers and asks if she's okay, and Sophie is reluctant to let go of his hand. ", Sophie had to make sure Keefe was okay before she left.
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