The announcement came as a perfect surprise: the newly-elected socialist government under PM Pedro Sánchez raised Spain’s minimum wage by 22 percent to 1050 Euros, making it one of the highest across the EU. Announcing the reforms in December 2019, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announcing that “a rich country cannot have poor workers.” The rise is significantly higher than the 4% increase in 2018. There are 14 countries with a higher Minimum Wage then Spain, and Spain is in the top 7 percent of all countries based on the yearly minimum wage rate. For part-time workers in Spain, the Spanish minimum wage is half of the total values. ← Back to International Minimum Wages Home. Spain’s government will approve a 22% increase in the minimum wage to 900 euros per month on Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday. The minimum salary in Barcelona is currently of € 900 (salario minimo interprofessional). As salaries increase, businesses fear an erosion in jobs. Usage is subject to our Terms and Privacy Policy. Code: earn_mw_cur Last update: 17/08/20 Oldest data: 1999S1 Most recent data: 2020S2 Number of values: 4769 . Ministry of Employment and Social Security. Yolanda Díaz and her Italian counterpart, Nunzia Catalfo, sign a Memorandum of Understanding on minimum wage and social economy Wednesday 25 November 2020 The Minister for Work and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, took part in the19th Spain-Italy Summit, held in Palma, which was also attended by other Cabinet ministers. 1Y. Salaries in Murcia range from 880 EUR per month (minimum salary) to 12,000 EUR per month (maximum average salary, actual maximum is higher). The minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour, the 12th highest in the world. €584.00 (minimum wage is fixed at an hourly rate and at a monthly rate simultaneously) … This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Median Salary The median salary is 2,720 EUR per month, which means that half (50%) of the population are earning less than 2,720 EUR while the other half are earning more than 2,720 EUR. What is the minimum wage in Spain? Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Wednesday his cabinet would approve next week a 22 percent increase in the monthly minimum wage to €1,050 ($1,192) in 2019. Spain's minimum wage rate is €764.40 per month in 12 payments,€655.20 per month in 14 payments,applicable to all workers. The Spanish economy could contract by more than 12% in 2020, depressing the employment rate to 80%. Spain's Minimum Wage is the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid for his work. No worker in … Minimum Salary in Barcelona. In 2017 they are as follows: Daily minimum wage: EUR 23.59; Monthly minimum wage: EUR 707.60 (based on 14 payments, or EUR 825.65 based on 12) However, the … The minimum salary in Portugal is calculated based on 14 payments in a year rather than 12, so if you’re paid 12 times a year instead, the minimum monthly wage is €700. 10Y. Spain's yearly minimum wage is $11,426.00 in International Currency. The entire economy is to be modernized. Domestic workers in households are employees. 2019 minimum wage (14 payments): €900.00 per month; 2018 minimum wage (14 payments): €736.00 per month; 2017 minimum wage (14 payments): €707.60 per month; More than 5.5 million people in Spain earn the Spanish minimum wage. On December 2nd, the government approved an 8% rise of the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI in Spanish) for 2017. The government’s move is part of a plan to boost the net minimum wage to 60% of the average monthly pay packet of 1,944 euros ($2,154.92) by the end of its four-year term. It means millions of low-paid workers could see a pay rise from €736 ($835… Employers who fail to adhere to Spain’s minimum wage regulations can be fined. Spanish labor law is also relatively protective. Most countries have a nation-wide minimum wage that all workers must be paid. These cover minimum wages and workers’ rights within either a group of companies or the industry as a whole; in some cases, they are more favorable than the general labor law. In the case of temporary contracts lasting less than one year, the deduction rate is typically lower than standard tax rates. Unless your industry’s collective agreement determines otherwise, overtime tops out at 80 hours per year. State Minimum Wages | The Ministry of Employment and Social Security sets the minimum wage in Spain at daily, monthly and annual levels. Labor laws restrict working hours to nine per day, with a minimum of 12 hours rest between working days. This is a list of the official minimum wage rates of the 193 United Nations member states … Source: Expansion(in Spanish). Monthly minimum wages - bi-annual data. Spain's Minimum Wage is the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid for his work. Workers must provide the required information to their employers to properly calculate the corresponding deduction. Show table location in data tree Metadata . Spain's minimum wage will jump by 22% in 2019 - the largest annual increase in more than 40 years. Employers in Spain who fail to pay the Minimum Wage may be subject to punishment by Spain's government. The reforms will make the biggest difference for women, who perform the bulk of part-time and temporary work. Spain's minimum wage rate is €764.40 per month in 12 payments,€655.20 per month in 14 payments,applicable to all workers. Expatica helps make your expat journey the experience you've always wanted. Some workers might find compensation, however, in the particularly generous holiday allowance in Spain. 5Y. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Content © 2020, all rights reserved. In terms of day-to-day work, employees working for more than six hours must receive a 15-minute break, or 30 minutes for employees under 18 who work more than four and a half hours. Agreements are generally set between councils representing employers and unions representing employees and are particularly popular in the service industries. Data from Spain’s statistical institute (INE) shows Spanish workers earn an average of €23,000 a year. View table . However, while Spain’s minimum wage is above some of its European peers, it remains well below the highest national minimum wages in Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, and the UK. Download table . The reforms will make the biggest difference for women, who perform the bulk of part-time and temporary work. Credit: Expatica. For instance, for Spain, where it is paid for 14 months a year, the minimum wage is calculated as follows: (EUR 900 x 14) / 12 = EUR 1,050. Additional information. Despite ongoing talks in Catalonia to create a minimum wage in the region, Catalonia still doesn’t have one. News. International Currency is a measure of currency based on the value of the United States dollar in 2009. In those cases where workers are not paid 14 minimum wages per year, the monthly wage is 1050 euros. Spain's minimum wage was last changed in 1-Jan-2016. More than 5.5 million people in Spain earn the Spanish minimum wage. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. View Sitemap. Spain is at the bottom in terms of the proportion the minimum wage represents of the average wage. Salaries in Spain must typically be paid for periods of no longer than a month. With this increase, the SMI now stands at 707.6 euros per month with 14 payments per year, 52.4 euros a month more than in 2016. However, Spain will … Their employer must also adhere to general Spanish labor law and pay a domestic helper salary of at least a pro-rata Spanish minimum wage per hour (if less than a full day). That totals to around a minimum of €450 a month for 14 monthly payments. The minimum wage has now been officially increased in Spain. In some cases, they may be able to claim a pro-rata payment for Sundays and Spanish public holidays, plus their minimum legal holiday entitlement for time worked, assuming that such holidays were not taken during the contract term. This site is a free public service not affiliated with the Department of Labor or any governmental organization. Salaries in Spain range from 830 EUR per month (minimum salary) to 11,400 EUR per month (maximum average salary, actual maximum is higher). You can check with your employer if a union agreement applies. The employer is responsible for collecting all contributions; as a result, they deduct the amount for the Spanish income tax (IRPF) and social security contributions due under the law. Spain has a government-mandated minimum wage, and no worker in Spain can be paid less then this mandatory minimum rate of pay. Have a cookie For people employed as domestic workers in someone’s home, the minimum wage in Spain per hour comes out to around €5.76 per hour, assuming their duties aren’t fixed to a monthly or yearly wage. This includes casual and temporary work or personal work within the service of a household. Many industries in Spain operate collective agreements. The yearly minimum wage of 12600 euros is arrived at by multiplying monthly wage by 14. Spain’s Socialist prime minister pushed through a 22 percent increase in the minimum wage law. Your choices will not impact your visit. Spain is a country located in the Southern Europe region with a population of 39,441,700 and an average life span of 78.8 years. Breaks from employment are also part of Spanish legislation. Spain approved what it calls a living minimum wage for low-income households in a bid to help its working poor, a problem aggravated by the coronavirus crisis. While we take all precautions to ensure that the data on this site is correct and up-to-date, we cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the labor law data we present. In absolute terms, the minimum wage in Spain is the eighth-highest out of 22 European countries that have one. Federal Minimum Wage | Expatica uses technology such as cookies and scripts to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. News releases Release calendar In 2019, the minimum wage in Spain has risen by an unprecedented 22%, increasing from €736 to €900. Spain approves national minimum income scheme ‘Today this government is showing that its political choice is social justice,’ says deputy prime minister in announcing scheme.
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