The Endura 4 fills the need for a manageable folding knife that resembles a high quality go-to kitchen knife. Until, that is, you pull it out for a task, then all of a sudden you’ve got 3.75″ of serious cutting edge in your hand, with a full, roomy and grippy handle to help you use it. This grind reduces drag during cutting and decreases overall weight. Spyderco Endura 4 knives have a little more weight but a slimmer handle thickness. The Endura knife features a molded FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with Bi-Directional texturing for traction and improved ergonomics. The dimensions combine perfectly with portability. £ 13,56 £ 16,95. The 4th Generation of the Endura light The Spyderco Endura is a knife that you won’t fully appreciate until you hold it in your hand. Price: $105.00 & FREE Shipping. Spyderco has had the Endura in its catalog for decades, and the latest version features several refinements over its predecessors, and is offered in a variety of handle colors. Spyderco Tenacious Spyderco Endura 4 Factors to consider are edge retention (the steel), handle material (strength + grippability), blade grind and overall strength. Free shipping on orders over $99! posted August 12, 2019. category Custom scales, Endura 4, G10, Milled graphic, Spyderco. In the 1980’s, the original Spyderco Endura blazed a trail as one of the first lightweight clip-carry folding knives. Produced by Maxpedition. Bad grinds and off center blades being the biggest offenders. However, you can find the same knife for just about $65 on Amazon. Blade. Hi, The Endura 4 Titanium Damascus honors of one of Spyderco’s most popular designs by expressing it with an impressive combination of old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials. Spyderco has massaged this design over the years and it remains a classic choice among enthusiasts. From $ 23.00. LOW FRICTION - This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. It’s OK for a couple of short cuts but becomes very uncomfortable. I gave the VG10 model to a friend, but have put a lot of miles on my ZDP 189 Endura 4. I’ll last about 2 posts. Im still carrying mine though. Will NOT fit G10 model. If you would like to buy a Spyderco Endura, I recommend purchasing it at or BladeHQ. It’s not a Sebenza’. Spyderco Endura 4 Full-Flat Ground. The Spyderco Delica 4 and Delica 4 SS, Endura 4 and Endura 4 SS knives are improved versions of the original Delica and Endura Spyderco knives-featuring beefy blades made of VG10 stainless steel, with notched thumb rests and larger opening holes. Yes this is a nice big knife with excellent ergonomics. But thats just me. £115.95. *Clearly* you are absolutely right. A SECURE GRIP - To provide a non slip grip, these knives are molded with our patented pattern, Bi-Directional Texturing. In this uncertain time, I ramped up the two knives at the computer – Police model fully serrated and Police model plain edge. In it’s collapsed state, the Spyderco Endura 4 FFG measures about 4.0-inches. The plain-Jane Spyderco Endura 4 may be lacking in exotic blade steel and handle material but it is a classic design that is nearing it’s 25th Anniversary! The appeal to the Endura is that it is a large knife, but is still lightweight and pocketable. Spyderco Endura 4 Lockback Knife British Racing Green FRN ZDP-189 Steel C10PGRE. Yeah, the Endura’s width (owing to the thumbhole) and length can make it a bit of a pocket hog despite being thin and light. A difference of 2.3 cm compared to the Delica doesn't seem all that much, but this knife feels a lot stockier. $165.76. But, I definitely feel like the Lone Wolf Edition, with the Glock Tool and the Emerson Wave feature, makes a pretty sweet folding tactical design (especially when paired with a Glock as a CCW). Our Top 5 Brands of 2020. We offer Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Purple, Zome Green and Brown. If you want a larger EDC or folding tactical knife that is slim and light weight, then the Endura should be high on your list of knives to consider. I will relate my first sale of the original Enduras at the time of the First Gulf War. For $60 the Endura FFG’s bang-for-buck is hard to match. OD Green G10 with sunburst pattern. I can get a fairly comfortable grip holding the rear part of knife. I can only hold it one way in saber grip and again, my middle finger rests on the ridge. The handle has skelotonized and nested steel liners which give the endura 4 a little extra rigidity over the endura 3 without adding much weight. The owner expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Spyderco, Inc. for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, possession, ownership, transportation, or use of the item in violation of applicable federal, state and local laws or regulations. Technical Specs . It makes it so I forget it’s there. The dimensions combine perfectly with portability. I use a sharpening kit that has guide rods attached to the stones to help maintain the angle. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Like with many of Spyderco’s offerings the company has been slowly refining it’s designs to improve their products and meet consumer demands. The knife you are looking at is a bit different from the normal C10 Endura 4 and C11 Delica 4 Lightweights. Spyderco Endura 4 custom G10 scales (v.7) January 29, 2015. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. VG-10 is a Japanese steel that sharpens easily, offers good edge retention, and has great corrosion resistance. Matte black finish with Spider marking. I’ll post my complaints on the proper forum. SKU: SPC10ZFPGR. Spyderco Endura 4 Review. Post by catamount » Fri Nov 10, 2006 10:52 pm . Black Titanium Deep Pocket Clip For Spyderco Endura 4 FRN, Stretch FRN, Police FRN & Matriarch FRN. Its breathtaking Damascus-clad blade is made from D.P.S. After putting in the order with Spyderco, and this being a new knife on the market I asked why? It’s a pretty simple drop point shape, perhaps the biggest detail is that Spyderco has produced the 4th generation Endura with a full flat grind. I’m not saying the reviews were wrong. Note, disassembly and reassembly of the folder is pretty straight forward. The Endura 4 has a blade length of 9.6 cm. The blade grinds are uneven. You can use this as an Every Day Carry (EDC) knife, although I prefer its little brother the Spyderco Delica or the Dragonfly II for suburban EDC. Pictures In This Set. In stock. I love the choice in colors and I totally agree – the new orange version is sweet. It retails for between $55 and $65 with the cost driver being color. My Enduras are well off center. The knife’s overall length is 8 and 3⁄4 inches. Mar 7, 2005. Best Tactical Knives This Spyderco Endura knife has a Zome Green FRN handle and a full-flat ground VG-10 stainless steel blade that is satin finished with a plain cutting edge. The Delica is a shining gem. It has too big of a blade with the narrow FRN handle. RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT You can set you hand back on the knife to maximize reach, or choke up and make use of the well jimped thumb ramp for detail work. Free shipping; Our customers give us a 5-star rating. If you are looking for a more hard use folder from Spyderco, I recommend checking out the Paramilitary 2. Spyderco Endura 4 custom G10 scales (v.4.1) October 14, 2014. Today it remains one of our most popular models and continues to set the standard for all other knives of its breed. $87.50. Thanks for catching that typo brotha. The Endura 4 is the ideal pocket knife for Spyderco fans that find the Delica too small. Over all F and F on all isn’t great. Modification of products, materials, measurements, technical specifications and availability can occur. 23rd Oct 2020. C $114.03. I really like the handle ergonomics on these. After carrying my Endura for awhile I still love it. Now it has no more blade play. Spyderco Police 4 Lighweight Folding Knife - Black FRN Handle with PlainEdge, Full-Flat, VG-10 Steel Blade and Back Lock - C07PBK4 . Spyderco's Endura knife was one of the first of its kind on the market. Spyderco's Endura 4 combines excellent features to provide an effective, but "pocketable" knife, for occasional use in most everyday applications. There are many higher end steels on the market these days, but given the price of the knife and its intended use as a working tool, I think VG10 was a reasonable choice here. The ridge that helps lock the users fingers in. Spyderco’s use of this material on its widespread models have given VG-10 a bigger market. I especially like how the clip can be mounted on any of the 4 corners of the knife. Used to be Enduras there. The Endura, along with its ¾-scale sibling Delica, has been a staple of the Spyderco lineup since its debut in 1990.The waved variant of the Endura was produced in a limited run of 500 units during Endura 3 production, and became a full production variant when the Endura 4 debuted in 2006. FRN is a polymer mixed with glass fiber that is injection molded and formed into a sleek textured handle, creating a lightweight yet high-strength knife handle. $165.76. With a forward grip, I put my index finger in front of it. The fiberglass reinforced nylon handles come molded with Bi … This is truly a well done ambidextrous pocket clip. Forum rules. I am amazed at how sharp and eager to cut the flat ground VG-10 blade is. The materials and fit and finish are both very good, I love how everything is fully ambidextrous, and the choice of handle color is fun. 199 review(s) Lansky BladeMedic The Lansky Blademedic offers you four sharpeners in a very compact package. The Spyderco Endura 4 FFG– which stands for FRN Flat Ground – is a relatively inexpensive pocketknife. Speaking of the Para 2, here it is next to the Endura: The Spyderco Endura has been a staple in Spyderco’s lineup for decades, and with good reason. 6 review(s) Knivesandtools Knife Pouch Black, by Maxpedition Luxurious knife pouch to safely store a pocket knife. The Spyderco Endura 4 FFG is comfortable in all normal grips and is a joy to have in your hand. Sorry for the long rant but I actually deleted all my Boston sarcasm. The Endura is not exactly small, but it’s slim and very lightweight, even with its steel liners.
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