Focus HUD is bringing augmented reality to the road with its new navigation display

featured image Focus HUD is bringing augmented reality to the road with its new navigation display

Popular navigation technology company, Focus HUD is leading the way in the AR revolution with a new cutting-edge navigation device which makes driving easier and safer. The recent announcements from Apple have pushed augmented reality to the next level and Focus HUD is helping phone users to join the movement with the first true augmented reality navigation system.


CEO of Focus HUD, Rishi Sehgal said “AR technology is rapidly improving and the release of the iPhone X has shown how excited people are to get involved. Our new product is a navigational device for motorists which combines the latest AR technology with mobile software to create a safe and simple driving experience. We strive to create a unique experience for everyone so we’ve made sure that the Focus HUD is compatible with all of the latest iPhone products, including the iPhone X.”

Focus-HUD uses a specially designed heads up display that fits onto any dashboard and projects any phone onto its display in front of the windscreen. With the specially designed app, currently available on the App Store, the device can overlay navigation graphics and other information in real time onto the windscreen. (We can’t find the application on Google Play, for some reason.)

The crystal clear AR display is designed to be fixed to the driver’s line of sight, allowing them to keep their eyes forward and on the road without having to look down and break their concentration.

There has been a lot of debate in the news recently about road safety and studies by the Department for Transport have shown that the number of casualties caused by drivers using mobile phones is increasing. The HUD creates a simplistic display, similar to that of a fighter jet, so the driver never needs to readjust the positioning of their mobile device.

Drivers looking to make the most of this new AR technology can purchase the Focus HUD device on the official company website, which offers free shipping to any location, or through The standard unit price is only £29.99 and is compatible with any phone. The device works with any AR compatible app but the official focus HUD app can be found on the App Store for £4.99.


To find out more about Focus-HUD, visit:

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