Fractal Combat X – Review

Fractal Combat X – Review

Fractal Combat X – Review

How I have longed for a great fighter jet game, similar to XWing vs Tie Fighter. I thought I had found it with Fractal Combat, with its good graphics and ok gameplay. Spotting enemies in the distance, and trying to match their speed and get missile lock. But alas, Fractal Combat is just a repetitive game, good in small doses, and nothing under the surface.


As with similar casual game, there is no real back story or narrative to this game. You jump in the cockpit of an advanced jet, and have to blast the aliens out of the sky. Dont worry about having to deal with any cutscenes, you don’t really hear anymore story after the introduction.

When you start a level, you are given total of four different combination of control schemes. One makes use of the gyroscope, where like most games in this category always seems to never work, or become too sensitive. The on-screen controls worked better, but I did find myself fumbling on the screen at times. There is also an arcade style control, where the jet will level out automatically.

Each level is split into missions and obviously each must be completed for players to progress. After the completion of each level, you are given a small amount of credit to purchase upgrades parts, armors or even new ships. You do get credit after each mission, but these are normally such small amounts that you cant purchase anything.


In a nutshell missions involve seeking and blowing up a certain enemy type, whether they be ground, enemy ships or a combination of both. This is normally incredibly easy, but further into the game it becomes a lot harder. This is when you will find yourself, going back on previous levels to generate some funds.

I found the graphics and performance of the game to be great, I didn’t get any flickering or drops. There are enough varieties of enemies to keep you entertained too. This is probably the only positive of the game, the game pushes no boundaries, missions are brief and is only good for short bursts of gameplay. Fractal Combat X offers a generic good time all for £1.99

Download Fractal Combat X below:


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