Future Mobile Phone Inventions – Many Cool Ideas and Concepts

Future Mobile Phone Inventions – Many Cool Ideas and Concepts

Aren’t you curious about the endless possibility of future mobile phone inventions? The technology is always growing and improving, and the one in mobile industry definitely won’t slow down. In the past, having a mobile device seemed like a crazy idea. But then popular culture and entertainment world may spark up ideas about such an existence. Popular shows like Star Trek with its mobile communication device may inspire tech manufacturers to create such a device, and it is possible to even expect more from the mobile and compact device.

The mobile phone industry has always grown and developed. It’s pretty logical to expect the newest improvements for the future of the smartphone. What kinds of developments can be expected more?

Hologram Phone

This is basically a projector phone – looking cool like the hologram device. The basic concept is to have a wristwatch phone that can project the keyboard to the palm of the hand. If such a device is possibly made, then the manufacture should consider different sizes of the users’ hands. From aesthetic aspect, the device is cool and beautiful. In terms of functionality, it is also great because it eliminates the need of carrying your phone with you. You simply wear it and activate it whenever you need it. It would be super cool if any manufacturer can actually make one.

Flexible Frames and Screen

One of the most talked-about future mobile phone inventions is the flexible phones. Many manufacturers believe that mobile phones don’t have to be solid and rigid. Wouldn’t it be great if you can have a foldable phone or a phone that you can twist? Such an idea had been made into reality back then in 2008 when Nokia showcased their Morph phone. The phone can be bent and folded. It could be even reshaped according to users’ preference or needs.

It isn’t a new concept since Samsung has always carried such an idea for their latest release and launch. They have showed off flexible phones during the trade shows – and the latest one was Galaxy Round phone. But unfortunately, not many manufacturers embrace the idea of having the flexible phones for their production. Hopefully, such a device will finally exist with completely functional features.

Surface to Touchscreen

Wouldn’t you love it when your smartphone can be projected to any surface – and have touchscreen ability? For future mobile phone inventions, it is expected that most mobile phones have integrated laser so any (flat) surface can be transformed into handy and completely functional touchscreen. There are tons of fun things to do if such a technology is made possible, this making everyone enable to play agen idn poker through mobile phone. You can transform any tabletop or countertop surface to musical instrument, engaging touchscreen, or keyboard. You can also project any favorite images or vr porn videos on the wall. This will definitely improve your efficiency and professionalism. Imagine that you won’t have to carry your tablets or laptops around anymore. Simply carry the small and portable smartphone and you can use it for working or entertainment.

Better Wireless Charging

It’s true that today’s modern smartphones already come with the wireless charging, but such a feature is pretty limited. You can only find it at some names – not all of them. Not to mention that the technology still needs improvement. For the future development, the wireless charging ability will be better and more refined. Future people won’t have to worry about carrying their chargers here and there because their phones can be charged wirelessly. Don’t you love it when you don’t have to carry the charger anywhere? And the possibility of dealing with charger loss, break, or untangled can be minimized too!

Improved Voice Control

Some mobile phones have come with handy voice control. But the usage is still limited and the features aren’t covering wide areas of implementations. In the upcoming years, it is expected that better intuitive (voice) controls would be developed – along with the abilities to handle most of the activities. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can deal with app booting, music playback, information request, call answer (or make), and such things alike can be managed through your voice command features? If the technology exists, you won’t need to use your hands (and fingers) too much anymore.

Wristwatch Phone

This technology is related to the flexible frames and screens, but this one is especially designed to be worn on your wrist. Now, we do have the so called smartwatch, but let’s admit it; today’s existing smartwatch can’t really replace the function of the smartphone. Yes, the smartwatches are able to do some of the works, partially, but they can’t really replace the phones. Well, for the future mobile phone inventions, it is expected that wristwatch phone can be invented. Basically, you have your regular and standard phone, but it can be bent and folded. The phone is designed to fit your wrist so you literally can wear it anywhere you go. You can still enjoy the complete functions and use without compromising the comfort. The screen is still big. The process is still responsive and fast. Isn’t it cool if you can wear your phone around the wrist?

Solar-Powered Phones

Imagine if you don’t have to depend on your charger or the electricity anymore to run the phone. The solar-powered mobile phones are created by exposing the phone to the sunray, allowing the phone to charge itself. This technology will be handy for those who are often away from the power source or for those who are often on their way (and having the wall charger device would be slim). Those working outdoor will also benefit greatly from such a technology. Skiers, campers, or park rangers are the examples of those gaining the benefits from solar-powered technology.

Environmentally-Friendly Phones

One of the things dominating the landfill is electronic parts and devices. That’s why manufacturers are trying to figure out how to make the products more environmentally friendly. They are looking into things like cleaner energy charging, biodegradable materials, or such things alike. As long as they no longer hurt Mother Nature and they don’t dominate the landfill, it is worth to try. Hopefully, the future mobile phone inventions would include ‘greener’ phones.

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  1. Electronic components and equipment dominate landfills. This is why manufacturers are attempting to make their goods greener. Cleaner energy charging, biodegradable materials, etc. are being investigated. It’s worth trying if they don’t harm Mother Nature or dominate the landfill. Future mobile phones should be ‘greener’.


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