Gaming smartphones – are they worth it?

Gaming smartphones - are they worth it?

The development of video games resulted in creating high-end PCs, laptops, and smartphones. The games which are released today require massive gaming computers: otherwise, it is very difficult to launch games properly and without crashes.

Gaming smartphones has been a unique innovation as well. With a mobile device, we are now able to enjoy various games from shooters to sports. They contain decent graphics and solid gameplay. Such smartphones usually cost a lot of money, and sometimes people doubt whether it is worth purchasing them or not. In this article, we will try to answer that question.

Gaming smartphones vs gaming computers

Usually, gaming smartphones and gaming PCs cost approximately the same price. If you are going to purchase a gaming smartphone at a particular price, you can buy a PC instead. It goes without saying that the PC is more comfortable when it comes to playing games.

Some people don’t really play games on their smartphones

It may seem a little bit surprising, but when people purchase gaming smartphones, they do not really download big games and play them. Instead, they use it as a standard mobile device – nothing more.

There was very interesting research in Canada about gaming smartphones. The country has seen a spike in purchasing high-end smartphones, but most people admitted they did not use devices for gaming. Instead of regular smartphone games, they usually turned to mobile-friendly casino games which offered a lot of options and decent graphics. To be specific, only a small part of them played online casino Canada real money games, and that was their main entertainment. This fact was not very unexpected because playing casino games on mobile devices has become a very popular activity. But it is not necessary to have a strong smartphone to play them.

Most of the popular games are not available on smartphones

Think of games such as Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5 – these games are not available on smartphones. You may have the strongest phone, but you won’t be able to play them. And the experienced gamers will surely understand what games we have in mind here. No smartphone game can compare with these games. 

You have to pay for features in most smartphone games

Most of the games on smartphones require money to open hidden features, purchase weapons, and pieces of equipment. It is very hard to go through a game if you do not have these items. They limit your ability to play them and a very simple concept arises – pay to win. Some games are designed to take the money from you and not to improve your gaming experience.

Gaming smartphones develop all the time

Like everything regarding technology, gaming smartphones evolve all the time. You may purchase a mobile device, and in a year it might not be the “best” in terms of gaming. Also, games come out frequently – they are more demanding, and your smartphone can be weak to launch them.

Graphics are better at a computer than a smartphone

When it comes to textures, shadows, and other features of graphics computer does clearly have an upper-hand. And it is not very surprising – a computer is more advanced in terms of graphics. The mobile phone itself is very portable and does not have the ability to provide some decent graphics compared to a computer.

The verdict

Given all of the reasons above it is not really worth buying a gaming smartphone unless you are a hardcore gamer. Even then it is better to purchase a console or a computer that not only will launch high-quality and popular games, but also offer visual characteristics that are not typical for gaming smartphones. Gaming is always better on computers.

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