Gaming? The working class man’s virtual sanctuary

Some people would say that gaming is in crisis these days…but is this just some sort of paranoia lurking in the back of their skulls, or rather, do they have the right to say such a thing? You have to know just how big of a statement this is. If you want to dance on the grave of a big “something,” then you better come through with the right facts, or you might as well give up your dignity and all that good stuff that the masses would love to get their hands on after they’re done ridiculing the hell out of you! Gamers aren’t the most judgemental folks out there, or so they like to claim, so a slip-up or two would be fine, but it’s still best to avoid these. So, what is this thing that could end gaming forever?

Well…it can not be ended forever, that’s for sure. People will always want to play games for fun, and there’s no questioning this. One of the first things that cavemen came up with were tools for entertainment, right next to the essential tools they needed for hunting, and so on. Then they came through with the statues of the super thick, fertile women, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now, so let’s stick to the topic. So, right now we’ve established that this kind of thing simply can not die off. However, this still doesn’t mean that gaming can not be made worse with time, and a lot of people (especially those who are into old-school) games would claim that gaming has gone down the drain and it’s been like that for a long time. Now, their nostalgia is the only thing that they could blame these feelings on, but this still forces some suspicion into the average person’s head. We still can’t help but question this statement and see if there’s any truth to it. They surely can’t be the only people who feel like this…what would force them to think in such a way?


The working class man’s virtual sanctuary


Well, do you remember what happened to the Diablo franchise? The entire series was standing strong, sticking to the PC, and suddenly Blizzard just decided to take the game to the phone. Everyone asked if this was a late April fools joke, no one wanted to play the game, and it was a huge disaster. It could be that corporate greed is ruining gaming.

Just think about it…they could attract a huge audience by taking their games to the phone, as not that many people are into PC gaming, but everyone’s got an Android phone, so by getting people hooked on these games, you could make a decent buck. Come through with some microtransactions here and there, and you will be literally bathing in money. That’s just how it is these days. However, not many games are following Diablo’s example, and that’s great.

Obviously, some games simply belong on the phone, and there’s no debating this…but games like that simply should not ever be on the phone. Hell, if there are any mobile games you should take into consideration, then it should be some mobile porn games of 2019…as they at least have some purpose. Video games of that sort should be played in the most discrete way possible for obvious reasons! However, when you play stuff like Diablo and Warcraft, you place that stuff on the big screen, speakers blaring, and you slay undead hordes in the most grotesque way possible! Same goes for first-person shooters. Remember: No one’s claiming that mobile gaming is supposed to die off…people are just rebelling against the interests of big-time capitalists who seem to be poisoning every single aspect of their life, as they always have.

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