Give Good Face: 5 Tips for the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people will see on your page. We look at some tips for creating the perfect cover photo.


Did you know that your Facebook cover photo takes up almost a fourth of the viewer’s screen? It’s also the first thing viewers see- their first impression of you or your brand. Fortunately, you can optimise your display in a matter of minutes. Here are some tips for creating a cover photo that will draw attention to you!

Size Up Your Facebook Cover Photo 

Facebook banner size is the first thing you should consider when uploading an image, as some pictures may be too small or the wrong format. Check your Facebook cover photo size before uploading, aiming for at least 851 x 315 pixels (although mobile devices use smaller Facebook cover photo dimensions). Anything smaller may look blurry or not upload successfully.

Consider Photo Guidelines

Safe browsing is a key factor to consider when uploading a Facebook cover. Your photo will need to follow basic civil guidelines and stay updated as they change. Facebook has the right to take your photo down if it could deceive viewers in some way, infringe on any copyrights, or provide misleading information. Even personal photos must conform to site policies. The site will typically let you know why they removed your photo. Being proactive and checking them first will save you the hassle of repeating your upload process.

Use Latest Technology Hacks

Did you know you can use panoramas and 3D cover photos? Add depth and dimension to your banner with a photo that expands when the viewer rotates their mobile device. You can position the photo as needed so that the main image is prominent when first viewed. You can also use a cover video that displays easily on either desktop or mobile. The banner will play 20-90 seconds of video, enough to catch your viewer’s attention and pique their curiosity! If you have yet to record, you may want to zoom out a bit and center the focus of the video. That way, viewers won’t miss the action when viewing on their mobile device.

Keep Viewers Updated

Keep your Facebook cover photos current to highlight upcoming events, sales or hot items. A social event or visual taste of your talents are both social in nature and promotional! Too much text or detail can clutter, so keep it simple and pin a post just below your cover photo with additional information. Bonus points for using a visual call-to-action and a written call-to-action in the description!

Create a Focal Point

If using a business page, you can use a FB cover photo that draws the viewer’s eye to the buttons just below it. A profile cover photo can be centered, but keep in mind that the profile picture will overlap with the bottom of the photo. Setting a focal point also creates a sense of balance in the photo. A cover photo template can help you layout an inspiring banner with a custom aesthetic.


The best part about uploading an amazing Facebook cover photo? That photo shows off something amazing and unique about you! Now that you’ve mastered banner making, think of all the opportunities you’ll have to share your passion! Your Facebook followers will come flocking in no time.

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