The Good Air Guru Foobot Review

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The Good Air Guru Foobot Review

The foobot is not something I would think, I would have in my house. It’s a smart home device that detects indoor air pollution. Foobot is a great looking gadget that looks smooth and cool, while tracking the quality of air in your home.


The foobot setup took around 3 minutes to do, as it was run through the app, and turning the Foobot upside down. It allowed you to set the LED brightness, which is a good idea if it is to be placed in the bedroom. You can also give it a name, I went with Doctor Foo! When it is all setup the foobot takes 6 days to analysis the air and the goings on in the home. This allows it to find common traits, such as cooking dinner at 7pm everyday.

The foobot’s companion app lets you see temperature, humidity, Carbon dioxide, particulate matter, volatile compounds and the Global Pollution Index, all of this is at a glance. Though for the people who don’t want to constantly check their phone, the foobot’s LED indicator will display a cool blue light when all is ok, and orange when there are problems.

412Qv9xEMyLLike most smart devices the hardware is always dependent on how good the app is, and I was amazed by how good it was. The whole app is clean, and readings are easy to read. Charts and measurements are understandable. It was fun to see that after cooking bacon, the foobot would change to orange and suggest I open a window.

A great feature offered by the Foobot is compatibility with the Nest thermostat. It allows the Foobot to take control of your home’s ventilation system, and boost air renewal rate depending on the different pollutants levels at home. Which is a rather unique feature, as I have looked and can’t see this being offered by any other device.


Now for the price, €199. This is quite a high price, and it’s difficult to justify the cost to a day to day person. Though someone who has breathing difficulties, or someone who wants to know exactly when the air in the vicinity is getting “polluted” this is the the thing to buy. In using this device I was unaware colds are brought on mostly due to air confinement indoors, which can be monitored and altered using the foobot.

You can check out more information from thier website –

You can grab a foobot from the here –

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