Google set to increase volume of ads on smartphones

In a recent press release, Google announced that it would begin implementation of ads to its mobile products. The ads will include some that will interrupt its search and discovery experiences, both of which are core Google products.

Searches on Google via its mobile products will begin to display “gallery” ads that will allow advertisers the ability to display numerous images that users are able to swipe through. Beside the gallery ads, the new adverts will show in Google’s discover feed, which often are incorporated as part of its news feed that are displayed on a large number of Android home screens, the Google mobile homepage and inside its Google app. However, initially, they will only be seen in specific locations, but eventually, this will go global.

The purpose of the new ad format is designed to make paid adverts more noticeable. Google’s Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s ad chief, in a recent blog post said that during testing, the percentage of ads that generated interaction increased by 25% over that of than traditional ads.  For now, Google only plans to relaunch the ads on mobile products and not desktop.

The Discover ads will be focused towards Google’s mobile app, and its Android discover feed. Google began testing its gallery ads earlier in the year and investigated with a variety of image ad formats but intend at this time only to release gallery ads and these will become, as the year progresses more prominent.

The variety of advertisers that will be able to take advantage of the new format will be quite vast, and it is anticipated to include sports betting advertising. However, even though the ads will focus more on interaction styled advertising, it will be important for users to verify the information being presented, especially if interested in sports betting. Therefore, using proven reliable betting sites such as Betenemy will eliminate any possible confusion in relation to a particular sites reputation and the value they offer. As a dedicated sportsbook review site, it features in-depth reviews that can be used when questioning a sportsbooks reputation, and ultimately, in doing so, you eliminate the need to invest time in researching a particular sportsbook of interest, and in today’s busy world, that has great value.

In recent years, an increase in the number of visuals has been seen on Google’s mobile search page. An example of this is when searching for a movie and being shown images displaying the leading actors and the movies poster. It often will display pictures from recently published articles relating to the movie, let alone video clips, movie theatres in your area showing the movie and even review snippets.

The addition of visuals to those already presented makes sense as far as Google is concerned as it will generate additional attention to the content of its advertisers and being that Google’s advertising is pay per click that means an increase in revenue for the tech giant. For Googles Discover feed, it is a first, and it is expected they will appear as other news feeds do and will include a top image headline and include a field displaying more information as well as a badge that indicated it is sponsored advertising. Users can also expect to see this extended to YouTube, where they will join recommended videos.

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