Great Slots for Mobile Phones

Mobile gaming has continued to climb in popularity with the top phone manufacturers heading back to bigger screens to accommodate this user preference. All areas of the gaming world are taking advantage of this trend and making sure that their games are correctly calibrated to detect and display perfectly for the size of the screen being used. At you will find a range of really awesome slot games that play perfectly on your mobile or your desktop so you can access your favourites any time you like. Here are a few of our favourites:

Wild-O-Tron 3000

If you love SciFi or love the Tron movie franchise, then you will love this compelling five reel game that offers 20 pay lines and loads of great bonus features to unlock as you play. While collecting parts to build your own robot watch the machine at the side of the reels, it might look old and out of service, but when it kicks into life, it fires instant wilds out onto the main playing area. Line up the three parts of each of the seven robots to win big in this fast-paced retro science fiction style game. A cracking slot game that is loads of fun to play and even better to win.

Legend of the Five Ninjas

As the name suggests the main characters of this game are the five ninjas, Ka, Sui, Ku, Chi and Fu. They are found across the 3×5 reels and offer a whopping 243 win options. As you battle to open the scroll of knowledge by combining the powers of your ninja friends, you can unlock many excellent features including wild card rewards and free spins. The other symbol to watch for is the Godai symbol as matching three unlocks the bonus round. There is a lot going on during this game and with so many hidden features it is no wonder it proves popular time after time. Have a look at Legend of the Five Ninjas now if you are looking for a fast-paced slot with some great free play activities.

Battle Mania

This is a great slot that will appeal to LARP gaming fans as the game has been designed with this in mind and the characters have a definite WOW feel about them. Within this slot game, you can go on questions to far off lands, fight some bosses and crack out some spells to save your bacon. Starting the game requires you to set your team, and there are five options to choose from. Once up and running it is time to head into battle, take down your opponent’s health points to win or pull one of the three cards to gain advantages. When you unlock new worlds, you will be rewarded with free spins, and there is so much going on this games definitely feels more than just a slot game. It is action packed and will undoubtedly appeal to gamers who love World of Warcraft and other RPG style games.

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