Guess That Song Music Quiz

Guess That Song Music Quiz

Guess That Song, Main picture

Let’s play and have a lot of fun with Guess That Song – Music Quiz! Play with your friends in 2 player mode.

Do you like music? Are you a music hero? Do you like guessing trivia games? And can you name that tune?

1 or 2 player game. Play with your friends and check who knows more Lady Gaga songs and who is a bigger fan of Justin Bieber! Oh really??

If you like quiz, trivia games and music this app is perfect choice for you!
How many songs can you name? Play in 2 players mode and compare your score with friends. Score points and be the best!

Everyone will find something interesting in many category lists:
– The Latest Hits,
– 2000’s Pop Hits,
– 2000’s Rock Hits,
– Overtime Rock Hits,
– Love Songs,
– 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s Hits!

This title won’t win any awards for graphic design or innovation but I don’t think it needs to.

Let me tell you why….. It’s a simple game to guess the song being played. It’s purely aimed at fun!

Having a few shandies with your girlfriend, wife, husband or whatever this is a game to download and play. A good few genres are covered( I’ll be honest I got most of the Country Music questions wrong) you can pass it about taking turns shouting out the answers or play 2 player which splits the screen top and bottom, mirrored, to play against each other, see third screen shot below. Loads of fun and will surely entertain you for a couple of hours. I’ve been looking for more of the same game but in different topics to wow my wife with my amazing general knowledge. Yeah right.

It’s free and has a pretty big ad running at the bottom with no In App Purchases. A coin leveling up system is in-game but it never wanted me to buy coins with real money or any of that nonsense.

You can download using the button×300-


Screenshot#1  Screenshot#2 Screenshot#3 Shows 2 player (mirrored)

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