Have you seen these famous faces at your local Bingo hall?

Have you seen these famous faces at your local Bingo hall?

Bingo may not be thought of as the most glamorous of events, but it most certainly has some famous fans. From singers, to models, to actors and even reality stars – there seems to be no one who hasn’t been bitten with that Paddy Power online Bingo bug!

Want a bit of game inspiration? Read on to find out more about these celebrity players.

Kate Moss

The elegant and glamorous British supermodel first rose to fame in early 1992, emerging onto the scene at a time where the “supermodel era” was thought to have been over, collaborating with large corporations, such as Calvin Klein. But all work and no play can get rather tiresome, so Moss can often be found indulging in a good old game of Bingo, as a way of winding down after a long day. Allegedly, Moss and her former Rockstar beau used to regularly spend their Saturday nights playing Bingo with their family, with the former supermodel still having a fondness for the game since their unfortunate split.

Robbie Williams

The English singer-songwriter originally found fame as a member of the well-known pop group turned man-band Take That, before going on to establish himself as a solo artist with multiple albums under his belt. Despite all this fame and fortune, Williams has stayed down to earth, and also stayed true to his love of Bingo. If you’re a lover of playing the game online, then you may have found yourself virtually brushing shoulders with the much-loved star, as Williams is reportedly a regular in Hollywood Bingo online competitions. Williams then goes on to donate his winnings to various charities, spreading his fortunes. As well as this, those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that the video to Williams’ song “Feel” is actually shot outside of a Bingo hall, focussing on the game’s balls, players and callers. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Another somewhat surprising Bingo fanatic is this Juventus and Portugal footballer. Ronaldo, a former Manchester United and Real Madrid player, began playing Bingo in order to help him with learning the English language, when he was still at Old Trafford. The player was gifted a DVD Bingo game to help him to improve his English, and with that, he quickly became a huge fan of the game, openly speaking out about his love for the pastime. Since utilising the game and perfecting his new language, the football star has continued to play it on a regular basis, even going as far as exploring the original version of the game, now that he plays in Italy, where it was first created. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Having gone from a humble and hopeful British actress, to a well-established Hollywood legend, Zeta-Jones has had a lot on her plate over the years. So, much like Kate Moss, Zeta-Jones had to find some way to let her hair down – which just so happened to be Bingo! She regularly plays with Moss, as well as hosting her very own Bingo tournaments, with A-listers snapping up all the tickets. 

Katie Price

Reality star turned businesswoman and author, Katie Price is often seen on the front cover of gossip magazines for one reason or another. But, behind the scenes, Price is a big lover of Bingo, often logging onto her favourite online casino sites between public appearances. She can also be found in her local Bingo hall, bringing out her dibbers and her dabbers with the best of them!

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