Helios, Helios Lite and Aerio Bags from Moshi Review

Helios, Helios Lite and Aerio Bags from Moshi Review

I am always on the lookout for a great backpack. I have backpacks with batteries built in and backpacks with solar panels hanging off them, but Moshi have given me something I haven’t seen in a long time, a functional tech backpack, where most of the time, money and ingenuity has gone into making it look great and hold up against the elements.

We managed to get the Helios, its little sister the Helios Lite and the Aerio messenger bag.

Helios & Helios Lite Backpack

The people over at Moshi have make and incredibly stylish, well-constructed, well-designed product. This doesn’t scream tech head or geek, this backpack (I had it in black) looks cool, stylish and wouldn’t look out of place on a London based banker. The colours range from Charcoal Black for the Helios and titanium Gray for the Helios Lite.

On the outside is a front zipped pocket, with two magnetic poppers for the main compartment. The zips are really cool on these bags and are solid metal, with a grip on one side. There is a side pocket, which I thought would be good for a water bottle but found it a little too tight. There is then a zipped pocket along the back, which may be perfect for a wallet or passport.

The inside of the bag is made up of a main padded space which can hold a 15″ laptop or a 13″ for the Helios Lite. There is a front zipped area, which uses a basic zip, and spaces for papers and pens. I ended up using the bag to carry the below with absolute ease:

  • My 15″ laptop
  • External battery for my phone
  • Asus Tablet
  • Keys
  • Pens
  • Tripod

I was majorly impressed with the capacity of the Helios and even the Helios Lite sports the same space saving design. The exterior is made from a water-resistant coating, I have tested this and water just runs off it, instead of being absorbed. I found it incredibly comfortable to use and travel back and forth to work with.

Now the only downside of these two are the price. The Helios comes in at £120 and the Lite is a little cheaper at £95. These bags are built to last, and I can tell that these will probably outlive me. They are strong, durable, water resistant and can hold my entire catalog of tech items.




Aerio Messenger Bag


When out and about, I do like to bring a messenger when I need access to stuff easily. This would normally be when going into town, or maybe a day out in london. So I was excited to try out the Aerio bag as this looked to be my go to bag.

I found this bag to be incredibly light, and even when it was full of tech. Match that with the weather resistant material it’s made out of and this is the perfect bag for popping out with. The strap is a stroke of genius and can be changed from short to long without even having to look at it. It’s made to fit a 15″ laptop in the inner padded compartment, and two smaller pockets on the inside as well. There is probably enough room for up to 5 tablets, a notebook and an array of cables.

There is a large zipped pocket on the front outside of the bag, which I have ended up using for my wallet and phone. There is also a huge pocket along the back which runs the entire size of the bag. There is simply too much storage in this bag! I am having to buy more things to put in it. Everything from the zips, to the stitching is pristine on this bag and I can see a lot of time has been spent designing this.

I did try to find issue with this bag and I just couldn’t. The price is £120, so it is a little expensive for a bag, but much like other Moshi products, they are designed to last and reminds me of that saying “Buy Cheap, Buy Again”, so don’t buy cheap!






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