HONOR Announces Partnership with Microsoft to Develop Smart Solutions

HONOR today announced that it will expand the strategic partnership with Microsoft at its new Shenzhen headquarters. Announcing at the signing ceremony main

HONOR today announced that it will expand the strategic partnership with Microsoft at its new Shenzhen headquarters. Announcing at the signing ceremony, HONOR and Microsoft will work closely together to develop ground-breaking AI and end devices and create forward-looking technology strategies, ultimately supporting HONOR’s ‘1+8+N’ strategy worldwide.  HONOR also announced the launch of HONOR MagicBook V 14 which is the one of the world’s first laptops pre-installed the Microsoft Windows 11.

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd., said at the signing ceremony, “HONOR is committed to adopt a consumer-centric approach and develop best-in-class products for our users. With a strong belief in openness, cooperation, and innovation, we will work closely with our global supply chain partners across the industry to create a world-class product experience with our technological capabilities, market insights, and R&D innovations. HONOR and Microsoft will continue to strengthen our strategic partnership and develop solutions that can incorporate different software and hardware technologies for various user scenarios. We are confident that together HONOR and Microsoft will be able to establish an interconnection between end-devices and the all-scenario ecology to create a new intelligent world for everyone.”


Corporate Vice President and Chairman and CEO of Microsoft GCR Dr. Hou Yang said: “In the era of the new normal, all parts of the world and all walks of life are accelerating digital transformation. With the rise of hybrid work and ambient intelligence, customers expect more convenience, security, and better interaction from their mobile computing devices, systems, and applications, for both work and home. Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integrated development of software and hardware intelligence by continuously deepening and expanding our strategic cooperation with HONOR, to bring richer experiences to end users, and to bring born-in-Asia innovations to the world by leveraging Microsoft Azure.”


In the upcoming HONOR Smart Life Product Launch on September 26, HONOR will launch its MagicBook V 14 which will be the among the first laptops featuring the new Windows 11 OS. With more advanced capabilities in software and hardware integration, in addition to the targeted customizations and upgrades to create a better Windows 11 experience, HONOR is capable to maximize the potential of the new operating system.

Microsoft, one of HONOR’s longstanding technology and business partners, was among the first group of suppliers that cooperated with HONOR after the company became fully independent. Since December 2020, HONOR has utilized Windows 10 as its official global operating system. The HONOR MagicBook Pro is equipped with Windows 10 and was recognized as the “Best of IFA 2020” by eight international media titles, including Tech Radar, Wired, and Expert Review since its official launch. The MagicBook Pro was also the best-selling product in over 20 markets including China, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Malaysia.

The enormous opportunities brought by the all-scenario ecology have attracted a lot of brands to introduce different solutions for consumers in pursuit of interconnected lives. Recognizing consumers today expect “smart and seamless” technology solutions across all aspects of their lives – whether it is for work, entertainment, travel, etc., HONOR introduced its “1+8+N” all-scenario strategy to develop products that will enhance users’ lives by enabling users to enjoy an integrated and seamless experience, through focusing on AI and smartphones as the core of the platform, while developing other connected products such as notebooks, smart screens, tablets, wearables, TW Stereo headphones, and routers.

HONOR will integrate Microsoft’s cloud computing and AI technology to its product and services such as its YOYO intelligent assistant, collaboration tools, AI travel assistant, utilities, and translation services. This end result will provide smartphone, laptop, tablet, smart screen, wearable, and audio product users with a more enriching and smarter AI experience.

Moving forward, both HONOR and Microsoft will continue to explore the future opportunities of integrating Windows and Android to enhance the ecosystem experience for even more user scenarios and experiences, such as workplace collaboration.


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