How electronic product reviews can impact your buying decisions

According to reliable research findings, 86% of customers read local business reviews before making any purchases. Inarguably, people trust recommendations provided by online reviews just as highly as endorsements from family and friends. Thus, the growth of e-commerce reviews has dramatically reshaped the advertising landscape in recent years. Consumers are less attracted to traditional marketing techniques – they no longer trust mainstream advertising channels such as print and billboard ads.

There’s a variety of online review sites that you can trust to provide honest reviews about electronic products. However, reviews by iTest are the cream of the crop.

Here are 5 ways in which electronic product reviews can impact your purchasing decisions:


  • Scrutinising a product


Online review sites are the best place to find truthful descriptions of a certain product based on users’ previous interactions and experiences. If you’re thinking of purchasing a specific pair of Bluetooth speakers or in-ear headphones, first read several online reviews. If there’s a lot of positive feedback from previous customers, this gives you the green light to proceed with your purchase. But if there are lots of negative reviews, then it’s wise to steer clear of that product and search for a substitute that has better reviews.


  • Objective decision making


Our first impression of a product is often influenced by its design and general appearance. However, judging a book by its cover can have disastrous results. Reading electronic product reviews allows us to unravel what exists behind the product’s aesthetic veil. If you wish to adopt an objective mindset, it’s important to avoid getting too attached to any specific product. Make a decision based on the candid reviews you study online rather than your clouded emotional judgement.


  • Brand comparison


Product reviews can also help you make an informed decision concerning which brand fits your particular style. Different electronic products are designed to attract diverse customers, and not every product will work for you. For instance, some people prefer using Apple devices while others love Android products – it’s all depends on your taste. Therefore, ensure you read ample product reviews to figure out which brands fit into your philosophy.


  • Deciding where to purchase products


Consumers today have a wider variety of places to shop, owing to the immense growth of online e-commerce shops. You no longer have to buy goods from brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, the majority of individuals these days check online reviews before making any type of purchase. These reviews further shape their purchasing choices, helping them to decide whether they’ll buy electronic products online or in a brick-and-mortar store.


  • Discerning review credibility


The current crop of consumers can easily discern between an honest review and an exaggerated one. Women are better placed to detect biases in product reviews, allowing them to make more accurate buying decisions. But when it comes to purchasing electronic products, men usually have the upper hand. They understand the nitty-gritty details of whatever products they need, so they can easily streamline their review search as desired.

Ensure you read electronic product reviews from distinguished sites before making your purchase.

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