How Fun Is Betting Online On Esports?

Hundreds of millions play online games, and these games can get very competitive. It only makes sense that betting is becoming a big deal now in esports.


How Fun Is Betting Online On Esports? 1

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The first League of Legends tournament 8 years ago had a prize pool of $100,000 with 1.6 million spectators, this number shot up to $6.5 million with over 43 million viewers in 2018. Just like with any sport, adding the element of wager takes how matches are perceived to a whole new level. Even though the majority of spectators are gamers, you’ll find that esports betting is now attracting those who have never heard of esports before and are simply allured by the concept. The stakes are now higher with esports betting regulated and the matches being closely watched by bettors and enthusiasts alike. We’ll briefly explain how betting on esports can make the experience even more fun and exciting.


Winning Money while Enjoying Matches

A few years ago, no one thought that esports betting would ever become something big and enjoyed by the mainstream. The reasons that made it not popular surely made sense; betting operators were still not familiar with the games and had doubts about rigging matches, in addition to the bulk of the audience being under 18, making it illegal to accept bets from them. Once gaming became something that is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of adults, betting on esports became more acceptable.

2 How Fun Is Betting Online On Esports?

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Esports are now popular enough that they are broadcasted on TV and many internet channels. The popularity of the sport or game is directly related to how competitive the betting scene is. According to Vulkanbet, you can now bet on outrights, winners, streaks, odds/evens and even the type of map. When you and your friends are watching a match with bets placed, your experience gains an extra dimension. You’ll be pumping a lot of adrenaline during the match, because stakes make winning and losing an exhilarating experience. Unlike before, you can now make good money from betting on esports, because the betting volume has gotten big and operators are familiar with the games and their odds.

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The difference between esports stars and popular athletes is the ability of the viewer to be able to relate to them. Most watchers can relate to esports players more than they’d relate to football or tennis athletes for example. Betting on esports will make you feel like you’re always betting on the underdog whether you win or lose. Gamers find it great to feel as passionate as those they’re watching.


More Games

As esports grow, more games are being included in the betting scene. Betting operators now can see that esports betting is becoming profitable and amassed bettors. You’re bound to be able to bet on your favorite games, many different game tournaments are allowing betting now. Most popular esports include Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 19, and many more. 

The market is still new, a lot of things are being tested in terms of legality and regulatory entities. As more people are getting into esports, betting is becoming safer, fairer, more fun, and even more profitable.

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