How Have Mobile App Games Advanced Over the Years on the Android Platform?

Mobile app games on the Android platform are taken for granted in the modern world. You can enter Google Play on a mobile phone or tablet and choose from thousands of different mobile app games to install on your device. Categories include driving, puzzle, simulation, adventure, shooting, sports, strategy, historical, platform and many more.

When looking back on the history of mobile games many people believe the first came to appear on a mobile device was Snake. This was a very popular game on Nokia mobile phones but the first mobile game in 1994 was on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device. This phone was designed and manufactured in Denmark and featured the game Tetris. This was a basic block building type of game which became very popular on Nintendo handheld devices.

You have to move to 1997 to find the introduction of Snake on Nokia mobile phones. This game came pre-installed on the phone and at the time there was no such thing as a store where you could download different games. However, it wasn’t until 10 years later that we first saw Android. It was unveiled in 2007 but did not become available until the following year. When Google acquired Android Inc in July 2005, there was not a great deal known about the company other than they were developing software for mobile devices.

In 2012, Google took the steps to consolidate all of the operating system’s content stores into one platform called the Google Play Store. This included all the games available for Android devices. One of the first games to become available on the Android platform was Magical Drop Touch. This was a game which made use of the touch screen on new mobile phones and it also responded to screen tilting. 

Almost a year later in 2010 we come to the first release of Angry Birds. This was quite a basic version of the game in comparison to the most recent release which is currently available on the Android platform and takes advantage of the developments in technology over the years. The game is easy to understand and play plus the levels are short which makes it ideal for mobile gaming. These elements are still being used in new games today.

Temple Run , Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Monument Valley and Pokémon Go are all games which had been released over the years and show the advancement in what can be achieved. Many games can now be played over an Internet connection against other players and using the environment around us, such as Pokémon Go listed above. This has also led to the development of online casinos on mobile devices.

Most of the leading online casinos now have an app available for the Android platform. Google relaxed their rules in relation to gambling apps and there is now a wide selection from which to choose and install. So, we have moved from the most basic of games in Tetris to now being able to play a game of poker against real players on a mobile phone, which is fantastic.



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