How to Choose a Gaming Device for Travel

Gaming represents one of the most entertaining activities out there. Due to the high level of engagement the users’ experience, gaming is a great activity to entertain yourself, while getting away from the regular. Because of all the upsides of gaming, you will often find ideal occasions to introduce a bit of gaming into your offline life.

Commuting, or traveling is one of those situations where gaming represents an ideal activity to perform. Due to the way professional gaming devices have been developed, it is often difficult to find the ideal gaming device for travel. In this article, we’re showcasing a few tips and options to consider while choosing your next gaming device.

Mobile Phones

Due to the increased mobility that comes with this category of devices, mobile phones, or tablets represent one of the best devices for travel. When looking out for a mobile phone, you should always take into consideration the form factor of the device.

Phones and tablets tend to get bigger and bigger each year. They are great for consuming content, and even playing games but are a nightmare while traveling. Your mobile device should have a display that’s no more than 6-inch wide. Otherwise, it will feel rather uncomfortable when carrying it.

Tablets are starting to represent an even better solution for gaming nowadays. These devices often come with modular elements allowing the users to take full advantage of the display. You can turn the tablet into a smaller, and fully-portable laptop.

However, there’s one main downside of mobile phones and tablets, and that’s the smaller number of available games. These games are also often simpler than the ones found on gaming consoles but, they still represent a great option.

The best part is that smartphones also have access to the internet and the world of browser gaming. In such an environment, users have access to hundreds of great games, like the casino ones. Online casinos such as Gametwist Online, allow their users to access the games directly through the browser.

This represents an ideal feature for many gamers since it’s very comfortable. There is no need to download or install casino games, everything is fully accessible. All you need is an internet connection. This is very useful while commuting since the waiting time is greatly reduced.

Moreover, with the creation of cloud gaming platforms fully usable through the browser, mobile users will have access to a whole new world of gaming. This means that people will now be able to play computer and console games, directly from their phones. This was never possible before. Most game developers are not adapting their games for the mobile world.


When it comes to gaming on the go, laptops represent the ideal middle-ground between mobility and access to quality games. Due to their internal battery, and compact form-factor, laptops represent the best alternative to computers, for traveling.

You should focus on getting a laptop that has a long battery life, that is one of the most important features. While traveling, you might often be unable to connect your devices to a power supply, having to rely on your remaining battery. By owning a laptop that can run for at least five hours, you can play games for far longer than normal.

Although laptops are considerably more portable when compared to gaming computers or consoles, you still have to take into consideration the size and weight of your device. A laptop with a 15.6-inch display that weighs under 2kg is recommended for traveling. There are laptops that weigh as low as 1-1.5kg but, they are considerably less powerful.

Although users have access to a large number of quality games through laptops, the gaming experience might suffer sometimes. Because laptops are smaller, all of the components are put into a small case, reducing the overall performance of the device.

However, due to the latest technological advances, laptops still represent one of the best options for gaming while traveling.


Gaming can represent an ideal activity to practice while being on the go. Being able to play video-games regardless of your surroundings seems like a nice feature to have. Considering one of the device types mentioned above, and following our simple tips, you will be able to pick the right device for your gaming needs.

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