How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Smoke Free

Having a kitchen that is safe and tidy is healthy and refreshing. Sources from the US Center for Disease Control say that a dirty kitchen is a home to different bacteria types that are responsible for over eighty million illnesses reported in the US every year.

Read through for an easy way to keep your cooking area clean and smoke-free.


1.Clear the Clutter 

Easier said than done, huh? Nonetheless, you cannot order take- away every day for the rest of your life so at some point you will have to mess your kitchen a little. Unfortunately, when that happens, you later have to scrub, wash, empty the bin and make sure your cooking area is smoke and odor-free.

Try out this simple routine, and you will not strain with the cleaning



2.Plan your meals in the morning.  


Imagine you plan to have bread for breakfast and dinner on the same day. Instead of baking in the morning and then again in the evening, you can deliberately make enough bread in the morning. That way, you minimize the number of times you have to clean the oven and baking equipment.


3.Assemble all the utensils you need for the day.

First thing you do when you get to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, place all the utensils you need for the day at one place. That should be easy to do if you form a habit of planning your meals early. 

As you gather all you require, you might notice that some things like knives and chopping boards, must be used severally. Do you have to get fresh ones from the shelf every time you cook? Thus, instead of filling the sink with similar items consider step three


4.Clean as you cook.

While you wait for the oven light to go off or for the pot of stew to simmer, empty the sink and wipe the counters you won’t use again. That way, you are likely to have very little to do after the meal. 


5.The more, the merrier

Do you have more than one person in your household? Are you entertaining friends and family over dinner? Never be afraid to delegate some chores in the kitchen. For instance, your friend can help empty the dishwasher while you enjoy the latest gossip.


6.Let the airflow

Most people would rather know how to get rid of smoke in the kitchen than have to buy batteries for the smoke detector every day. The secret to a smoke-free kitchen is ventilation. You can achieve this in two simple ways.


7.Invest in the right hood

The size of the oven determines the size of the hood. With the right shade, managing smoke from the stove is less strenuous. Most modern houses are fitted with all the right appliances but if you want to upgrade the cooker, consult a professional to know whether the hood can handle the new equipment.


8.Ventilate your kitchen

When the weather is right to open all windows first thing in the morning, and if it’s not possible to buy a kitchen fan. The cooking area must have a free flow of air at all times. But, in circumstances where free from smoke air circulation is a challenge, purchase an air purifier for smoke to combat allergy-causing particles found in smoke. 



Between spending twenty minutes to clean your kitchen and spending hundreds of dollars in treating infections caused by an unclean cooking area, what do you prefer? The most popular space in every household can also be the riskiest if not taken care of well.

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