(News) Huawei Launches First Enterprise Solution Partner Program

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At the Huawei Enterprise Partner Summit, held as part of HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, Huawei officially launched its first Enterprise Solution Partner Program. Leveraging Huawei’s leading ICT infrastructure, the new program will offer powerful support to companies which jointly develop solutions with Huawei to serve global customers.


Huawei Enterprise Business Group (BG) will provide its partners in the program with open API, global expert support and lab resources. The program will also support the introduction of new, high-value solutions to the market; help to achieve business success for the partners it works with. This program is the latest example of Huawei Enterprise BG’s commitment to building business-driven ICT infrastructure (BDII).

The Huawei Enterprise Partner Summit was attended by around 600 representatives from global partners of Huawei, including Honeywell, Infosys, ESRI, Econocom, and Yusys Technologies. At the summit, Huawei and its partners engaged in in-depth discussions on how to capture market opportunities and build a new business ecosystem to respond to the changes brought about by the new ICT era. Attendees also shared their experiences and success stories with technology trends such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Huawei and our partners create innovative solutions for industry customers together, and they have been widely welcomed by customers around the world. We are growing very fast in markets such as public safety, finance, power, transport, education, and media. Looking to the future, ubiquitous broadband, agile innovation and excellent user experience will be the core factors in business competitiveness. These elements are also Huawei’s value proposition. Working closely with our customers, partners, developers, and industry groups, we are building a vibrant, mutually supportive business ecosystem that will help companies around the world achieve cloud-pipe-device synergy and digital transformation.”

Said Ma Yue, Vice President of the Huawei Enterprise BG.

Econocom, a five-star verified service partner of Huawei in Europe, shared several cases in the field of value-added services. Plottier Richard, vice president of global alliance and partnership division at Econocom, shared that Econocom will extend its collaboration with Huawei being a large-scale European company with more than 9,000 employees and a focus on digital transformations.

As of 2016, Huawei Enterprise BG works with over 300 tier-1 distributors and value-added resellers, and over 10,000 tier-2 distributors. It has more than 400 solutions partners, delivering solutions in over 140 countries.


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