Indiegogo: Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Keychain from Bomberco

Indiegogo: Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Keychain from Bomberco

After the successful funding of nearly $500,000 from their previous campaign, the Bomber Barrel, their early backers asked them to make a survival keychain to go with their Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag and bracelet. Introducing — Bomber Survival Gear, Survival Bracelet and Keychain.

Bomberco wanted to create a timeless piece to accommodate your Bomber Barrel: an accessory that you can bring with you to the city, on hikes, and on all of your adventures. So the conception of the perfect everyday keychain was brought to life.

With its minimal design and effective functionality, the Bomber Survival Paracord Keychain is the perfect addition to your Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag and survival gear collection.

They carefully crafted and tied premium quality 550 paracord into the design. The Bomber Survival Paracord Keychain can be used for a variety of emergency situations.



Equipped with 3 meters of paracord and fire-starting capabilities, the Bomber Survival Bracelet is not only stylish but practical. The funding will help Bomberco manufacture a second production run of their Bomber Survival Bracelets.

In addition to its functional 550 paracord strength, the Bomber Survival Bracelet and Bomber Survival Paracord Keychain both have firestarting capabilities using flint/steel woven within its design.

Due to popular demand, they are also bringing back the Bomber Barrel Set with an added bonus: the Bomber Survival Paracord Keychain. The complete Bomber Set includes the original Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag, Mini Bomber Travel Kit, Bomber Survival Bracelet, and Bomber Survival Paracord Keychain.

Paracord was first used as suspension lines for U.S. parachutes during WWII, but has since proved itself useful in hundreds, if not thousands of other ways. The braided sheath has an incredible number of interwoven strands compared to its thickness, giving it a smooth texture, elastic feel, and unmatched strength. This makes it compact, fashionable, and highly useful in survival and dangerous situations.



The funding will go towards: high quality materials, packaging, production, and logistics for the Complete Bomber Set. Check out these guys below:

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