InsightBee Global Survey on 2017 Technology

InsightBee tech trends 2017

A new report issued by InsightBee, Global Survey on 2017 Technology Trends , based on a detailed poll of 328 global companies, reveals some surprising insights on the technology trends shaping and impacting businesses


Among the findings produced by InsightBee are:

  • 71% of large-sized companies (revenue of $2B+ annually) say they are very concerned about cyber security threats to their organization.
  • A ranking of the 15 biggest technology disruptors shows cloud computing ranked first, but 3D printing was last.
  • U.S. companies anticipate making their biggest investments in the next 12 months in cloud computing, 3D printing, advanced robotics and big data.
  • In the US, 24 % of responding companies said they were extremely concerned about a cyber-attack
  • Only 53% of mid-sized firms feel prepared to safeguard personal data online whereas 78% of larger firms do.
  • One in three companies globally – and in the U.S. – lack a mechanism to measure the impact or ROI of adopting disruptive technologies.

“There is strong agreement across the board that disruptive technologies will be game-changers and you need to adopt them quickly to stay in the game,” says Manoj Madhusudanan, Managing Director of InsightBee.

InsightBee provides high-quality, custom research and analytics from any device, from proactive alerts to tailored reports, its online platform delivers the intelligence you need every day – across all business functions and industries.  With its pay-as-you-go model, ordering tailored insights is easy.  InsightBee, created by Evalueserve, is powered by mind+machine™.  It combines human experience with best-in-class technology to give qualified intelligence, faster.  Evalueserve, headquartered in Switzerland, has 3,200 employees with offices all over the world.

The InsightBee, Global Survey on 2017 Technology Trends is based on the results from a survey of IT directors, CIOs, and high-ranking executives. It was conducted with companies in India, UK, U.S., Germany, China, Singapore.  The companies were primarily in five sectors: technology, manufacturing, banking and financial services, consulting and advisory, and healthcare and life sciences.

“The survey clearly shows companies where they need to spend in order to compete when it comes to disruptive technologies, averting cyber security issues, and gaining valuable sales intelligence advantages,” concludes Madhusudanan.  

The full report can be accessed at

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