Is online gambling about to explode in the USA following legalisation?

Is online gambling about to explode in the USA following legalisation?

Here in the UK, we tend to look towards America for coming trends. It is often the case that whatever is trending in the US will take off here a few months later. But there is one big exception to this rule, and it’s online gambling.

Until recently it was illegal in North America. But that has changed in recent years, and even more so following the recent decision by the Supreme Court to tear down the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

PASPA basically outlawed state-authorised betting with a few exceptions. Nevada was to become the only state that allowed people to place bets on the outcome of a specific game. But that is now about to change – and in a big way. One research company has estimated that the overturning of the PASPA ruling could mean that in the next five years 32 states may be offering legal sports betting.

How it all began

The gambling scene in America took its first significant step towards legalising online betting in December 2011 when the Department of Justice (DOJ) said that in its opinion, the Federal Wire Act only applied to sports betting. It was enough to start the ball rolling, and several individual states began to think about launching online lottery sites, online poker and online casino games in general.

In the summer of the year 2012, Delaware led the way by becoming the first state to legalise online gambling. Nevada followed it in February 2013, and just a few days later, New Jersey followed suit. Last year (2017) Pennsylvania became the fourth state to offer legal online casino gambling.

The underground illegal online gambling fraternity in the US

People love to have a little flutter, and as such, the online illicit gambling sector has been thriving in the US for many years. The website reports that last year alone, Americans spent $2.6-billion on gambling over the internet. Those taking part have to disguise their locations, and many go to the lengths of opening foreign bank accounts to facilitate moving their money around.

The global gambling market is vast. It was worth $44.16-billion in 2016, and it is forecast that it could reach $81.71-billion by next year. However, the prediction could be much higher.

Because online gambling in the US was illegal, a large number of shady websites offering online gaming have come into being. Using these sites can prove risky. The opportunity to gamble online lawfully is therefore likely to prove very appealing, making the audience even larger than it is at present.

Gambling on-the-go via mobile devices

Another thing that could see the predicted market size rocket is the ever-increasing use of Smartphones. Here in the UK, this phenomenon has contributed significantly to the popularity of online betting, that and the new apps that are constantly being developed make gambling on-the-go one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

Most online casinos and betting websites operate in many countries. With the new legal online betting market opening up in the USA, many offshore casinos are likely to want to cash in and grab a share of the market. With the regulation on online gambling in the US relaxed, Slot Providers like Amaya and NetEnt would be looking to bring their popular game “Gonzo’s quest” stateside. Take NetEnt and Mexico for example.

NetEnt partner with Caliente in Mexico

NetEnt is one of the most prominent designers, and suppliers of online casino games on the planet and they have just reached an agreement with Caliente, who is the biggest online gambling operator in Mexico.

The Managing Director of NetEnt Americas LLC, Björn Krantz, has expressed his delight at being chosen by Caliente as their new business partner, saying that they are one of the at the forefront of online gaming in Mexico and that they are one of the top players within the online gaming space.

Krantz believes that NetEnt will support Caliente´s drive for the growth of their online casino market share by providing them with the best cutting-edge games enabling their users to enjoy the best online gaming experiences around today.

From Caliente´s perspective, their CEO, Emilio Hank, remarked how excited he was to be able to incorporate NetEnt´s world-class online gaming products in their business offering. He is confident their partnership will enable their continued growth and see their market leadership set in concrete.

A whole new universe of online gaming

The scope for this sort of progression and growth in the North American market is immense. It’s not just online gaming that is catching people´s imaginations, but the legalisation of online sports betting is paving the way for what is likely to be a whole new universe of various online gaming activities.

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