Key Reasons Why a Home Security System is a Must-have for Every Home Today

One may be forgiven for thinking that they do need a home security system, but to completely ignore acquiring on is unforgivable. Below, you will find the key reasons that would compel you to acquire and install a home security system.


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  • Allow you to keep unauthorized parties from your home


Who would not want to keep his family safe? Installing a home security system will do exactly that; keep your loved one safe. Just consider the fact that it is a proven fact that homes that have no viable home security systems are 2 times more likely to be attacked by thieves.


  • A home security system is one of the surest ways to protect your home against fire


Yes, a home security system can protect your loved ones against fire. This is the case as many home security systems tend to come with features that can offer an early warning against fire.


  • Prevent your family from being victims of carbon monoxide


Carbon monoxide can easily build in your house without your knowledge. But just like home security systems are able to detect a buildup of smoke they too are equally able to detect a buildup carbon monoxide.


  • Gives your family the serenity of peace


Nothing gives one peace of mind than knowing that they are safe. A home security system does exactly that. It even goes a step further where it only monitors every part of the house but it can allow for the dispatch of the police in case of danger.


  • Protecting your most valued assets


Today, we have a tendency of keeping our valuable properties close to heart. But the fact that a home security system will ensure that no burglar can enter the premise, we will always know that our valuables are safe.


  • The ability to have one take care of your home


Once in a while, we may have to leave our houses. But with a monitored home security system in place, we will not have to worry about thieves breaking in. There are many alarm companies in the market out there such as Think Protection that can monitor your house for you for a very small fee.


  • Cut on the cost of insurance


Home insurance tends to cover major events such as floods and fires, but what many people do not know is the fact that home insurers tend to give a discount to private homes that have home security systems.


  • Monitor home events remotely


With just a mobile app, one can be able to keep track of the events happening back at home.


  • Get medical help


There are medical alert systems that can check for things such as fall or people falling seek and signaling the concerned parties immediately.


  • Cut down on energy use for your home


A home security system comes with the aspect of home automation which allow users to be in charge of their lighting system, use of small appliances and thermostat. As such, you can remotely shut down heating systems when not being in use.

More reasons for having a home security system

  • Offer protection to pets
  • Keep an eye at less frequented areas such as the garage
  • Tend to come with a fastened emergency response time.

Things to consider

  • A home fire is always reported every other 20 seconds
  • Fire death is the leading cause of death of all naturally induced fatalities
  • In as far as fatal home injuries are concerned, fire is ranked as their leading cause
  • Approximately seventy percent of all thefts are conducted in residential buildings
  • Of all burglary reported, 60% tend to occur when someone was around


As established above, having a home security system comes with many benefits that one can imagine. Not only does it offer safety to your home, your valuables, your pets, and your whole family, but it also allows for the dispatch of authority when they are needed.  While installing one may prove to be costly, not having one may prove to cost you even more.

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