Level Up Your Gaming Experience at Home with These 6 Tips

Level Up Your Gaming Experience at Home with These 6 Tips

Level Up Your Gaming Experience at Home with These 6 Tip


Video gaming is easily one of the most fun pastimes for young and old alike, and the availability of so many consoles means that we can pick what truly works for us. Each console has is ups and downs, but by choosing the right features we can really power up our gaming experience at home.


But how do you choose the features that will work for you? Here’s our guide to the most exciting console features right now.

1. Pay attention to your controller

If you’re anything like me, then you definitely already lean more toward one console controller than another’s. The Xbox One controller, for instance, has the uneven stick controllers and a more ergonomic design, whereas the PS4 boasts a smaller control area but has those huge touchpad buttons. Did you know you can actually configure your controller all together? By editing the button maps you can configure your controls so that they make more sense to you. You can add extra controller features, like a gaming wheel for racing games. The choices are endless, so start testing different configurations out and find what works for you.

2. Jump between games

If you’re working on several missions across different games, you can set up your console so that you can easily switch from one to another. For instance, on the PS4, you can do this by double tapping the PlayStation button. Now you don’t need to go through existing one game to enjoy another if you’re impatient and don’t want to wait.

3. Record your gameplay

Who doesn’t like showing off their awesome gameplay? I mean, when you take that awesome kill shot and no one else is around to see it, then what point is there? Most consoles have a way for you to be able to record and share your gameplay online. When you know something awesome is about to happen, just hit the record button, then share the clip later. On the Xbox, you can even edit your clip so that you’re showing only the best parts of your gameplay.

4. Use your console as your media center

Setting up your home entertainment center has probably already cost you enough money, but adding in a dedicated media server is an extra cost you can easily avoid. Your consoles, whether it be a PS4 or Xbox, come preloaded with support for all sorts of media codecs, so you can instantly stream any video file, DVD or BluRay easily with one click. You can even add your streaming services as apps.

5. Customize everything

If you want to use your console as your entertainment center controlling unit but you would like a stylish, elegant interface to match the setup of your media room, then consider customizing the look of your console. Each console type comes with a number of sophisticated color schemes with the ability to add wallpapers and icons. There’s a color scheme to match any style you choose.

6. Add extra storage

Let’s face it, the games you play and the media you watch take up a ton of space. Luckily, though, both the PS4 and Xbox allow you to add additional storage so that you don’t have to keep cleaning out all your games and apps. It’s as simple as plugging in an external hard drive or thumb drive. In fact, you can add up to 8TB of extra space. You’ll never run out of room!


Your home entertainment setup just isn’t complete without the integration of your gaming consoles. There’s no limit to how you can use them to enhance your setup. No matter which console you prefer, there are many tricks that will help you get the most out of your gaming setup, so be sure to really go through all the options presented to you by each console so that your gaming experience is the best that it can be.

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