Lightwave Home Automation Review

Lightwave Home Automation Review

Lightwave specialize in home automation. Their products aren’t based on the “If this happens do this”, but more on the ability to fully control your home from a mobile device.

The products offered by Lightwave fall into 3 main categories:


All of these elements are controlled through the brains of the operation the Lightwave Link Plus. The Link Plus is the second generation of the Link products, as this was built to more accommodate the growing use of Google Home, Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo.

The Link Plus is attached to your router. Allowing you to control the Lightwave ecosystem through your mobile, as long as you have an internet connection. This includes the ability to simply turn your lights and heating on and off, set routines, monitor energy usage and even set lights to appear on or off based on your location.

Set up was a breeze and once the Link Plus was connected I was able to connect my phone to it. The Android app for the Plus looked very professional and worked for me, though it’s currently at 2.2 stars, so some work may need to be done on it.

The lighting options provided aren’t bulbs, but the switches themselves which can be controlled via the app or directly with the switch. I really liked that the switches use the existing wiring, which allow us to easily install them in the home. They range in a couple of different styles, so work really well with different house styles.

Once installed, the switches had a great tactile feel, and felt incredibly premium. The app linked perfectly, and the inclusion of the led on the switch allows me to see that the connection is up and running.

Lightwave also offer power sockets that (like the light switches) can be installed into your wall giving a seamless integration with the home. I am a massive fan of this kind of integration, no longer will I have bulky power plugs around the house, all our plug sockets are smart controlled, and it just feels the natural progression of the smart home.

Though I was disappointed to see the lack of USB plugs in the sockets, as this feels like it is becoming a norm. Even m y mum has USB plugs in her power sockets now.

I feel Lightwave really hit the mark with their heating products. They offer a Thermostat, Boiler switch, Radiator Valve and Magnetic trigger.

Everything works brilliantly, and completely in tune with each component. The boiler switch controls the boiler, while the thermostat gives you tactile control over the temperature. The valves allow direct control over individual radiators.

The magnetic triggers are a really nice addition to the whole package, these are placed on windows and doors, allowing the system to no a window is open, and as such can turn down the heating for you.

I have only used the Nest as a comparison, but the magnetic triggers and indivdual radiator controls are two huge advantages over Nest.

I think a lot of people may have issue with the lack of “sensors” in this smart home ecosystem. But for me, I am more hands on and want to have full control over the running of the house, so this really played to my strengths.

Lightwave offers a good range of products, and they work really well. I am in love the plug sockets, and find the switch direct integration to be a great idea.

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