Litera Teams with Google Cloud to Bring Professional Document Comparison to G Suite

Google is enhancing G Suite with new capabilities for the Legal Industry


Litera Teams with Google Cloud to Bring Professional Document Comparison to G Suite



Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle solutions, has collaborated with Google Cloud’s Suite product team to introduce Change-Pro’s professional document comparison technology into G Suite. This is part of an initiative to enhance G Suite for professionals in the legal industry.For the first time, legal professionals using G Suite will have access to advanced document comparison technology via the Change-Pro Add-on. The Change-Pro Add-on will allow users to compare files from Google Drive, or any Google Docs the user currently has open. The Change-Pro Add-on will be available in the G Suite Marketplace.

“We are excited for the opportunity to bring our best-of-breed comparison services. Coordinating with the Google team has been a fantastic experience for us, and we look forward to collaborating further as we bring more capabilities to G Suite,” commented Simon Dandy, Litera VP of R&D. “We are currently working on additional integrations across Litera’s full document lifecycle capabilities.”

Users of Change-Pro for G Suite will receive ten free comparisons as a trial of the service. After that the service will be available as a low-cost annual subscription.

About Litera Corp
Litera delivers integrated solutions for document lifecycle management through a comprehensive suite of patented creation, collaboration, and control technologies. With platform agnostic and cloud savvy solutions, Litera empowers you to generate, review and distribute quality content quickly and securely, from any device anywhere. Litera has won multiple innovative technology awards, maintains a 99.9% client retention rate, and has grown consistently since the company was first founded in 2001. Organizations worldwide choose Litera for its dedication to client service and for its proven ability to develop the highest quality document lifecycle solutions. From start to finish, Litera supplies efficient, effective and secure solutions for complete content confidence. No matter what document challenges a client may face, Litera is there to deliver cost-effective solutions every single time.


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