Lunch Box Book & Insulated Vacuum Bottle from Box Appetit Review

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Lunch Box Book & Insulated Vacuum Bottle from Box Appetit Review

Box Appetit are a great shop which has a huge variety of lunch boxes, bottles and thermoses for any occasion. I decided to checkout their latest product the Lunch Box Book and a popular item their vacuum bottle.

Insulated Vacuum Bottle

I found this insulated bottle is perfect for hot or cold drinks, so is great for any time in the year. Hot drinks are kept hot for around 12 hours, while cold drinks are kept cool for 24 hours. The whole design with the rippled wall not only looks cool, but gives the bottle extra strength, and added grip.

The size is great is great as it fits nicely in my bag. I have found that this also saves me money, as I tend to buy coffee and water on the way to work, but now I can bring it with me from home. The seal is great and nothing leaks even when upside down. The leather connecter means I never lose my lid, and it gives it a nice addition to the look.

  • Made from 304 stainless steel, polypropylene (BPA free), silicone and vegan leather
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • L7.5cm W7.5cm H22.5cm / L3″ W3″ H8.9″
  • 500 ml / 17 fl oz

You can grab it for only £21.95, which is a pretty good price as I ended up stopping buying coffees and waters on my way to work.


Lunch Box Book


Squashed sandwiches and crushed crisps are commonplace in my bag. When I pack a lunch I normally chuck my sarnies in clingfilm and chuck them into my bag along with a bag of crisps. So I was excited to try this out.

I am in love with the colour, the lime green really sets the this apart from anything else. This colour then matched with a really unique design, was a stroke of genius. The whole things looks like a giant green book, and gives a fun element to the lunch experience.

Its incredibly tough and I had no sandwich incidents at all with it in my bag. The design even gives me a little area to place my sandwich, so I get my desk messy.

You can grab it for £14.95, which is great price for what you get.


Check Out all they have to offer:

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