Memory Card Reader Micro USB OTG – Review

Multimedia Memory Card Reader Micro USB OTG – Review

I work with environmental monitoring devices ranging from sound level meters, vibration loggers and weather data. These bits of equipment can be left out for weeks. Some have on board storage, some have SD cards and others have micro SD cards. So when I saw that StarTech did a USB OTG card reader that reads USB, SD cards and Micro SD cards I got very excited. You can even power it for reading from hard drives. Now rather than carrying a laptop around to download the data I can just copy it all onto my phone without using a hand full of cables or card readers.

The OTG card reader is built really well, even when squeezing the housing it doesn’t have any give. The male micro USB is slightly longer than it needs to be to account for those of us who use cases on our devices which is a nice touch.

On the top of the device are two LED’s; a green one to show it’s connected, and a blue one to show that a card slot is being used. Even though you could fill all the ports at the same time Android will only count the reader as one external mount point so it’s best not to try to confuse it.

StarTech seem to have a lot more faith in the strength of micro USB A then I do, as with a few of their other products it isn’t supplied with a cap or any built in protection. A small plastic cap or a retraction method would have made this handy product perfect, but even with this one flaw it’s a great product and one I haven’t seen before.

If you often find yourself out and about with different types of memory cards, it may be worth picking one of these up for £10.38 via the image link below.



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