Monitoring and Tracking Apps – Reviews and Guides

Monitoring and Tracking Apps - Reviews and Guides

Is the Internet a safe place for our kids? As we live in this fast-paced world of cutting-edge technologies, the entire Internet becomes easily accessible at our fingertips. And at the little fingertips of our children as well. This presents us with a moral dilemma; to monitor our children’s devices or to respect their privacy. Do these two choices necessitate e a conflicting matter, anyway? Can’t we monitor our children’s activities while simultaneously granting them their freedom and full privacy?


It is really up to you. Ask yourself before tracking their activities, are you doing it for your own curiosity or are you really worried about something in particular? As we all know, the Internet is dark and full of terrors. It would be best if you moderately supervise them. Try to monitor their activities without reading their chats, for instance. In this article (, you’ll know more about this pressing concern.


With that being said, let us give you reviews and guides on the top 3 monitoring and tracking apps.

1) mSpy

mSpy is the top parental control app out there. Its tailored monitoring aspects give you the freedom to utilize its features according to your wants. From getting an overview of your child’s activities, to a detailed user-activity such as; texts, emails, chats and phone calls. It can also have access to instant messenger applications such as; WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. Exceptional advantages of mSpy include:

  • Limit the use of website and applications
  • Block certain numbers
  • GPS tracking
  • Tapping into all messages

2) FlexiSPY

Unlike other apps, FlexiSPY is available for all mobile platforms and not just Android and iOS. For parents, this application comes handy because it is easy to use and can be installed within few minutes. It has two versions, the Premium and the Extreme, that tend to different kind of parents, from the over-protective to the cautious. The features that set it apart from any other app are:

  • Call intercept
  • Recorder
  • GPS tracking
  • Alerts for certain keywords

3) MobiStealth

As the first app to be developed, it is also available for all users with different mobile platforms, even BlackBerry platform as well. Thus, who use Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony, or blackberry, should choose MobiStealth right away. This app has so many features that can assist in finding a lost phone and tracking other devices. Other features this app provides you with are:

  • Logging of bookmarks
  • Call history
  • Browser history
  • Emails

Spying for a good cause?

You must have noticed the recurring word “spy” in most of the apps. Don’t let it fool you; you shouldn’t really take it as if you are spying on someone. Chances are; if you let yourself think it is okay to spy on your kid, when will this ever come to an end? Does it have to do with the age factor? Or will you spy on them for the rest of your life? You should consider these questions, and accordingly know which app suits you best and how to optimize it for your kids’ safety.

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