My Colors – Review

My Colors – Review

My Colors

My Colors lets you…

– Select colors with HEX values or choose from 3000+ color pool
– Save colors as image (png) files
– Set colors as wallpapers
– Share colors via emails, sms….



Likely an application that isn’t too useful for a lot of people but if you enjoy designing awesome home screens or just interested in design and colour maybe you’ll like My Colors as well. (Spelt the American way.)

I’ll be honest here when people name colours, I have no idea what colour they mean and I find it actually hard to describe a colour too. Certain paint brands trademark these crazy names which can be the same colour in a different brand but named something silly like Almond Crushed Sunshine. What the hell is that? I’ve had this nightmare scenario numerous times when decorating at home so now I just tell the wife ” You choose the beeping colours”

Then comes along My Colors app. Multiple shades of colours all provided in a great and easy to use application built in a  Holo-ish manner. The app provides 3000 colours that are named bizarrely with a few I already know, like, Black , White, Yellow and Grey. Then the fun starts with colours labelled Jesus was a zombie, Love like a man, When wood cries etc etc. Absolutely fantastic array of colours but strangely named. These can all be set as a solid wallpaper inside the app or shared via Android’s awesome sharing feature. (I found it force closed on a few sharing apps and on Google Plus it didn’t display the media. (The app actually shares a .png with the colour and it’s RGB HEX value) This is pretty cool but I really can’t think of a time when I’d want to share something like this but the option is there none the less. You can completely make your own colour using HEX or colour picker and add it to your favourites with a crazy label also.


A few screens shots below of in-app action with a few home screens I made using the app for a solid colour background.

Screenshot#1 Screenshot#2 Screenshot#3

Nexus4#1 Nexus4#2 Nexus4#3

As I mentioned in the introduction, likely not for everyone this app but I really enjoy using it and maybe others will too? Maybe even if you get a laugh out of the silly named colours then uninstall, you’ve wasted 2 minutes of your day. Or you may really like it as well. Free with zero adverts or no funny business, I’d recommended checking it out and sharing all your screen shots on your social medium of choice. #ScreenShotSpam

As always we have provided a link for download.


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