New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

iaps user poll main image New Poll – What’s your thoughts regarding IAP, paid or free?

In the news locally again… “Parents seek legal advice after daughter spent over 100 euros on their iPad.” Look at our main image too. That’s some real scary money to be throwing at a mobile game. The Tinfoil Hat Brigade reckon that the big developer studios actually leave options like this in games so silly people can be caught out. Not sure about all that but I’d certainly never spend that kind of money and I’ve made 100% certain that my kids can’t spend this as an accident either. People have to use some common sense here, on Android we have options to never save your password on Google Play or save only for 15 minutes. Use these settings wisely.

I’m not saying developers shouldn’t get paid for their work, actually, the complete opposite. I/we’ve worked with many beta testing groups / communities, helping and using apps before launch, providing feedback and bugs. The little dev who sits for six hours every night working on his project needs to be able to earn from that (if his product is good, that’s completely justified.) Personally speaking, a price under five bucks is usually fine for me if I feel I’m getting value for my money.

Another option that I’d like to address is.. The adverts that usually come when an application or game is free. Possibly just a small banner type provided by AdSense. Not intrusive, it doesn’t really do any harm. Do you click them? Do you have an adblocker installed?  Has the development team offered a way to remove these as an option to Go Pro and donate to future updates and projects? This would likely be my favourite option. It says “I enjoy using your app and want to donate to you, plus, get rid of those adverts, please and thank you very much.

What say you?

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