New Vehicle Technology Aims to Keep Us Safer

Over 180,000 road accidents occur in the UK per year, a stark reminder that the activity most of us do each day can turn dangerous in the blink of an eye. This high number of accidents are causing car manufacturers to use technology to develop new ways to keep us safe when behind the wheel. Through the use of sensors, traction control, and even 360-degree camera equipment – cars are increasingly becoming small, technological fortresses on wheels. And as more of this car safety tech is implemented, road fatalities will continue to decrease.

Better Control Systems

Sometimes no matter how skilled a driver is, weather elements can cause a car to lose control and crash. As cars are increasingly digitised, sensors can work to determine if you’re travelling in inclement weather conditions, which activates the car’s ability to better hug the road in order to avoid skids and slides. Research shows that this technology has the potential to save thousands of lives across the world.

Similar to traction control are lane departure warnings. While this does not necessarily make mechanical changes to your vehicle, it’s sensors can detect if you are drifting too far out of your lane, and provide a visual and audio warning to allow you to readjust the car. The ability to prevent senseless accidents like this also help your wallet as well when it comes to insurance. And while cars are growing increasingly safer by the year, getting a thorough insurance policy will be sure to keep you financially protected in the event that an accident does occur/

More Automation On the Horizon

While completely self-driving cars may be the future, there is still a ways to go before they’re fully integrated onto our roads. In the meantime, car manufacturers are developing autonomous functions that can take over in a split second if needed. Automatic braking is a new technology that has the potential to save thousands of lives. Through sensors, a car with this feature is able to detect potential hazards on the road ahead, and autonomously apply the brakes in order to avoid hitting it. Driver error occurs for many accidents on the road every year, and this added safety feature can be an extra set of eyes on the road at all times – just in case the driver finds themselves distracted.

Car safety has come a long way in recent years, and this is due in large part to the improved technology that’s inside of them. Automatic features like braking, and sensor technology that can warn drivers of an impending collision are simple, but tremendously effective at reducing the number of accidents that occur on the roads each year. Only time will tell what the next wave of life saving car technology will be, but if it continues to help save lives, it should be welcomed by all with open arms.

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