New Year Swag – Field Muzetto Laptop Bag

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New Year Swag – Field Muzetto Laptop Bag

When starting the new year, I always look at my bag and know that I need to get a new one. So I looked at, who we have looked at before. I was drawn to their Field Muzetto Bag. It has five pockets, and a built in padded compartment for my laptop and tablet. Having used it for a month or so, I can tell this is definitely the bag for me.

The Field Muzetto comes in three sizes, small (9.5″ x 6.75″), medium (13″ x 9″) and large (14″ x 10.5″). You don’t have to worry about measuring your tech, as they provide a “What Fits” list, so you have a better idea for what can fit in each size.

The outside of the bag is made up of their brown waxed, cotton canvas. This provides a lot of durability, and character to the overall look of the bag. It also means with time, the bag will be knocked and brushed, this will cause it to change colour and shade. This gives it a unique look compared to other bags.

The bag strap is adjustable, and attached to strong metal clips on the bag. The whole strap is strong, and could hold a couple of days worth of groceries with no problem. They also added a shoulder pad, which is made of non slip material, making carrying it really comfortable.

There are three pockets “protected” by the heavy canvas flap, which a bag pocket is left free for easy access. I found this very useful when traveling as I can slip my passport and phone in this pocket for quick and easy access.

The side of the bag is split into four sections. The back partition is padded, so perfect for a laptop or phone. This also features the internal colouring looks really good in orange. These little touches make this bag worth the money, as it gives it a lot of character.

There is a space on the other side of the padded area and is great for any other devices. This also holds a zipped pocket, which I tend to use for valuables. The front pocket is then used for less valuable items.

-Lightweight brown waxed, cotton canvas
-Full-grain chocolate leather accent under flap
-Adjustable strap (up to 64″) with non-slip shoulder pad

-Small: 10.5 x 9 x 1.5 inches
-Medium: 13.5 x 10 x 2.25 inches
-Large: 15 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches

-Small: 1.15 lb.
-Medium: 1.55 lb.
-Large: 1.95 lb.

Fully padded compartment for protecting laptop or tablet
Secure zippered pocket inside main compartment
Padded front pocket with smartphone pocket
Open back pocket


The cost is small ($169.99), medium ($189) and for the large ($199). This is a luxury item, but I can see it as a necessary purchase. The time and money spent in making this bag means that it will probably outlive me and is made to last. The design is timeless and won’t ever look out of place.




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