Nintendo Switch First Time Buyer

Nintendo Switch First Time Buyer

Nintendo Switch First Time Buyer

In my research before buying a Switch, I read a lot of posts and watched all the brightly coloured videos. But after getting it, I found there were things that I couldn’t find mentioned. So here are some little key points I have noticed:

1. Eshop

The eShop may be convenient, but can be more expensive than say Amazon. At the time of writing (12/04/2018):

  • Mario Odessy – £41.99 as low as £27.99 Used. £49.99 on eShop
  • Zelda Breath of the wild – £47.99 as low as £44.39 used. £59.99 on eShop
  • Kirby Star Allies – £44.99 as low as £39.99 used. £49.99 on eShop

Doing some Reddit and Googling after the fact shows it is a common problem for people. As the eShop doesn’t do refunds at all. So if you want cheap games, go physical copys and not digital!

2. Accessories

I found there are pretty obvious things that need to be bought:

  • 128 gb Micro SD-card – £33 on Amazon
  • Carry case – Anything with a hard shell will be good. Mine was £9.89
  • 90 Degree Type C Adapter. This was bought after using the Switch for a while. The charging port is on the bottom, and everyone is saying get a stand. I just bought this, as it means that there is no cable bend and its small!
  • Dock Sock. I was surprised to find that after a year, people were finding scratches on the corners of the swtich. This is due to the dock plastic front. You can get a screen protector, but I found the sock or sleeve is better and looks better in the room.

3. Pro Controller

Everone will say buy the pro controller. They will say the included pad is terrible and uncomftable, please try it first. My hands are just the right size, and even after a couple of hours I found it comftable to use. So I really had no need for the pro controller. But if you need a second/third play controller, then there are USB connected controllers licensed by Nintendo by PowerA which are £19.99 and do the exact same thing as the pro controller for £35 less money.

I will expand this as I go. I am only on day 2 of the switch.

Owner of a rooted One and Nexus 7. Mostly write reviews of apps and any hardware I can get my hands on. I frequent Google+ and XDA-Developers.

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