OnePlus #TrueColors shows what Brits love to take pictures of – and it might not be what you think

Analysis of more than 17,000 photos taken by Brits shows that yes, we really are that obsessed with the weather – and smiles are down, while mauve, amber and orange prove to be our favourite colours

Co-developed with Hasselblad, the OnePlus 9-Series captures the most natural colour photos, allowing you to show your True Colors. With the release of the OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus with its community started their search for the world’s True Colors. After more than a month of searching, with more than 130.000 pictures shared, around the world from Finland to Romania, OnePlus is now getting to the end of this mission. As a last hurrah to the OnePlus community, OnePlus has analysed the content of the pictures that have been shared. And the result might not be what you think…

In the UK, the results show that we really are as obsessed with the weather as everyone says we are. More than 60% of the photos analysed featured the sky, with just under 40% also featuring clouds and, as you’d expect, less than 10% actually featured sunlight. This may have also been responsible for the relatively low number of happy or smiling Brits featuring in the photos, with only around 12% featuring a cheery face.

Using similar analysis, OnePlus also found the UK’s favourite colours are charred mauve (hex code B89994), elusive amber (544F39) and misty orange (BE917A). For the sake of their national pride, Brits looking to change the top three colours can do so by tagging their Instagram photos #TrueColorsUK, and could win a OnePlus 9 Pro or a trip around the world as a reward for taking part. All photos need to be submitted by Sunday when the competition ends. You can also discover your own True Colors by using the OnePlus Instagram scanner now at

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