Ordo Toothbrush Review

Ordo Toothbrush Review

I have seen a lot of Shave Club subscription services become available in the UK, and Ordo is now offering an electronic toothbrush with a refill subscription. There is an initial cost of £30 plus £10 every two months for your refill plan.

The £30 will get you:

– Aluminium electric toothbrush
– Travel cap
– 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste (two-month supply)
– 25ml travel toothpaste (two-week supply)
– Portable silicon stand
– AAA battery

I was a little underwhelmed of this toothbrush when I first got it out. There’s not much to it, just a single button on the base unit and the brush head. But the build quality actually felt really good, and it looks like a pretty good product. The toothbrush head is pretty basic and doesn’t move like more expensive toothbrushes do.

The Ordo uses high-frequency vibrations to take away all that tooth dirt. The toothbrush goes at around 25,000 vibrations per minute! Which trust me you can feel at 6 am. This allows the Ordo to remove plaque and bacteria up to 7 times more efficient than my boring standard toothbrush.

I have been using the Ordo for around a month and have finally started getting used to the high-frequency vibrations. I did have an issue where on my top teeth the vibrations were so strong it makes my nose itch, which wasn’t nice. But after getting used to it, I find it is a better and quicker clean. With the head being smaller, and the overall toothbrush being smaller as well, I was able to get around my mouth a lot easier and get to places I wasn’t able to clean.

My teeth felt a lot cleaner after using this, then when I was using my static brush. Charging is not a concern anymore, as the toothbrush runs on a single AAA battery.

Overall, I was really happy with the clean and the toothbrush itself is really easy to use. I can definitely see myself using this for 2018, and the fact new brushes come every couple of months is great for me and reminds me when to change the heads.




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