Patriot Memory Viper V770 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

I change keyboard more times then I have hot dinners, but the V770 from Viper may be a time when I don’t rush to change. Viper is a big name in gaming accessories, so I am excited to let you know my thoughts.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 1

Unboxing was pretty straightforward. The keyboard comes with an attached 1.8m braided cable. This cable ios chunky due to it having two USB connectors and audio connectors. This then allows you to use the USB port on the keyboard and audio passthrough, which is a nice touch. They also include a keycap remover and headphone mic splitter for the audio port.

This whole keyboard is very solid and doesn’t buckle or bed when you smash the keys down. This will be down to the plastic and aluminium construction. The REG LED illumination works really well and looks slick. The lights are controlled via the Viper software which is incredibly user-friendly and offers a wide range of customisation. This is also where you can customize the 5 macro keys.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2


• 100% mechanical Kailh Red switches
• LED illuminated and removable magnetic palm rest
• Full spectrum RGB LED, Individual customizable
backlit keys up to 16.8 million colours
• 108 programmable macro keys
• 5 dedicated additional macro keys
• Aircraft grade aluminium chassis
• USB pass-through port
• Audio pass-through port
• Multimedia control keys
• Volume and mute wheel
• Game mode
• 109 key rollover anti-ghosting
• 5 prole control key
• 10 level LED reaction management
• Multi-level LED backlit dimming

A really nice addition is the weighty magnetic wrist rest, which features an LED strip and Viper logo. This was a great surprise, as not only does it secure easily, it can also match the light show you put on. You can lift the V770 off the desk and the rest doesn’t full off.

The V770 uses Kailh Red switches, which may not be as premium as some higher priced keyboard. But I don’t think most people will notice the difference. The two-year warranty shows that Viper is pretty confident on these switches. I am also a big fan of the sound of these.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 3

The row of macro keys are great to have, they also have media controls which uses switches similar to light switches. These are very useful when watching Youtube or Kodi. Viper has really gone all out on features with the V770, including a little dock for your phone. There are 6 rubberised pads and two rubberised feet. The wrist rest also has its own 6 rubber pads.

You can tell Viper have put in a lot of thought into the V770. There is a lack of Cherry switches and full metal materials, but for only £79.99 this is a lot of keyboard for your money.



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