Plants vs Zombies 2 – Review

Plants vs Zombies 2 – Review


Plants Vs Zombies 2 takes all we loved about the first game, plants and zombies and mashes it up with some brand new game modes, new plants, new scenes and a new way of thinking. The best thing is its free to download, but unfortunately not to play, most of the game’s content, levels and plants can only be gained by paying through the nose, or playing this game a lot. The prices vary, unlocking content all at once per level/world, will cost you £2.99, Its then £1.99 per plant type, you get the point.


Now this is the point where I would say, but you can still complete the game without spending any money. In honesty, I don’t see that happening, the amount of game-play hours you would have to put in is incalculable and not something I recommend if you like having a social life. That aside, I will admit that EA have polished this turd up rather well. The graphics, music, new plants and gamemodes make the game a lot of fun, but this isn’t the kind of game to give to young children who like to buy all the plants. The game is free though, you can download it and play it without having to whip out your credit card. But if your the kind of person who likes completing games then I would live this one alone.


The first level of Plants vs Zombies 2 is great fun, takes you back to why you loved the original so much. I sped through with no problems. The second level is slightly more difficult and realise you need more stars then you can actually get to progress through. So you can either pay or go back to the beginning and play again, and again and again. I think EA’s ploy is to make the game so mind numbing repetitive that you’ll either un-install the game or fork out money to make the pain end. There’s a brand new power-up mechanic in Plants vs Zombies 2, which are fun to use and make the game a bit more interesting. But as you can imagine dont use them too much , or face the wrath of the IAP. I’m not saying you have to use them, but EA make some levels near-impossible to complete without them.

I’m not saying avoid this game. But I’m using this review as a warning, be aware that to complete this game or have any real fun you’ll either need to fork out the cash, or play the same level again and again until your hands hurt.

Download the game below:

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