Playing Pokies for Real Money on Mobile – Quick Guide

Introduction to Playing Pokies for Real Money

Pokies for real money are about winning on the reels and pay lines by getting the correct symbols across the reels. Games are available in three- or five-reel choices, with some games offering as many as seven reels, and up to 100 pay lines. The best part of pokies for real money is the high payout percentage you can find with online casinos.

Several of the gaming operators, including the top software developers in the industry provide players with 94 to 98 percent for the payout percentage. There are only a few developers that design their games for lower than 90 percent payouts.

The themes are another area where pokies for real money excel. From movie themes to fruit classics, players can choose from more than a thousand pokies. Thor is just an example of one of the pokies available through an online casino. Other themes include fruit, money, animals, and animated characters.

The Slotfather Part II Pokie

Beyond the theme, playing pokies for real money on mobile offer main features and bonus features that enhance gameplay. If you are new to the industry or looking for more entertainment, look at the features various slots have to offer players. You may discover progressive slot machines are better than the game you have enjoyed up to this point. As we look at the guide to playing pokies for real money, game rules and strategy are also incorporated, so you can discover how to play from anywhere, anytime, with the utmost success.

Game Variations

  • Penny Pokies – a special slot that is designed to take only pennies instead of the higher valued wagers per pay line. Most penny slots have a single pay line on three reels, but they can be more complicated.
  • Video Slots – a 3D version of traditional slots, where the game themes are more modern, to include symbols from famous places, movies, and favorite animals. Some developers have a relationship with top Hollywood production studios to create Marvel, DC, TV, and big movie-themed slots
  • Traditional Fruit Machines – one-armed bandits began as fruit-based symbols on the reels. Players will still find fruits, sevens, and other standard symbols on these machines. They tend to have fewer graphics and are simple in play.
  • Progressive Pokies – progressive pokies are those with an ever-growing jackpot. Until the jackpot is won, each time the game is played the wager is added to the jackpot, so it could become a million or several million win.

progressive-jackpots pokies for real money

How to Play Real Money Pokies

The gameplay is simple and will not matter whether you have three or five reels to play:

  • Select your wager, based on pay line totals. You can select min, max, or decide the amount of the coin, how many coins, and how many lines.
  • Once the bet is chosen, select spin.
  • You may also choose automatic play, where the same wager will be played for several rounds.
  • The machine will calculate any winnings, bonus rounds, or jackpot to be provided to the player.
  • If there is a bonus round, you will be automatically taken to the bonus features, where you will need to follow the instructions provided.

Playing pokies for real money on mobile

Main Features | Bonus Features

The main game features when a player goes for pokies for real money are the symbols, number of reels, and pay lines.

  • Reels – a game typically has three or five reels. However, in some games there are “colossal reels” where you have two extra, and large reels to play. Reels are the number of columns in a game, where you might have three to five rows of symbols, or even more.
  • Pay lines – pay lines are how the game determines a win. A pay line may be a straight line on the reel, where three symbols on that line equal a win. The lines can also go diagonal, up and down, and in various ways. Machines can have one to 100 pay lines. Older machines tend to have one pay line with three reels.
  • Symbols can include wilds, scatters, multipliers, and more; however, those are often tied to the bonus features if a game has one. Symbols determine how much a pay line will pay, where you may need three to five of the same symbols on a line to pay out the best jackpot.

Bonus features include pick a box, pick a fruit, spin a wheel or free spins. Special symbols appear like wilds that might expand or stick to provide a better win. Scatter symbols usually lead to the bonus game features, whereas multipliers add to the existing win.

Betsoft pokies for real moneyGame Rules and Strategy

The rules of the game are simple:

  • Choose a wager and let the game spin.
  • You cannot try to trick the system by using software to create a pattern or mess with the random generator.

For strategy, it is about money. You want to decide what to wager and how long you want to play. Stick to those rules and do not chase losses or play longer because you gained winnings.

Platforms Available

Players can play pokies for real money on Apple, Android, Samsung, and Blackberry devices. There are apps to download or access via the internet. Players can also download a casino for the desktop if they wish. The platforms available include windows, as well as the most recent and older versions of mobile devices.

Play pokies for real money now to see how you can stack the wins. With plenty of ways to access the games, such as Android smartphones and different jackpots, you are sure to have a fun time with any theme you choose. Signing up for a casino to play pokies for real money will keep you occupied on commutes, at home, and anywhere you have a connection.

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