Playora’s New Mobile App Lets You Stream What You Want, Where You Want, When You Want

playora in use

Play all your content on your Smart TV with just a tap of your finger – and all wirelessly with the Playora app.

Following its successful testing on PC, Playora – the wireless video casting app – seeks funding on IndieGoGo ahead of its release on iOS and Android.

A brand-new approach to watching what you want, where you want. Playora’s app for iOS and Android will unite video from any website, IPTV stream, or file, directly to the biggest screen in the house. No need to buy new hardware, no need to keep updating old devices, and no need for any wires. The application supports most popular brands of smart TVs and will work with most existing ‘smart’ boxes plugged into TVs.

By streaming directly from your phone to your Smart TV, Playora grants you access to any streaming services you have access to online, on your TV screen. Some of the possible applications include:

  • TV catch-up services
  • Film streaming services
  • Gaming livestreams
  • Internet-based video sites
  • Music streaming services

“When so many of us have 50-inch TVs in our homes, why are we watching things on handheld devices? Too often our Smart TVs or streaming devices don’t have the correct apps for the job, or support fails over time. Playora solves these problems without any additional wires or hardware, and enables you to build your own, personalised streaming hub while you’re at it.” Explains co-founder Matt Spall



The Playora app also offers cloud server functionality tied to your account, so you can create your own dashboard, easily accessible when you boot up the app.

Playora’s IndieGoGo has just launched, with more information available at

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