Random Heroes 3

Random Heroes 3

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Random Heroes 3

The conclusion to the random heroes trilogy is finally out on android after 6 months of being on IOS but it’s better now it’s on android because… reasons!!!!!!!
Aliens are again trying to invade after you took the fight to their home world in random heroes 2.
You have 75 levels and 3 boss battles to fight though to save Earth. To help you complete your mission you have 29 random heroes wielding 30 different upgradable weapons to assist you. The game play has been refined from random heroes 2 but is essentially the same as it uses left, right and jump movements and a button to shot.

random 3 screen

In each level you have 3 goals – kill all of the aliens, find a star and beat the clock.
Killing all of the aliens can be the easiest of the goals with beating the clock usually being the hardest.
It’s possible to miss the stars as they can be in hidden areas. You can also collect a skull in each level needed for upgrading guns and buying anything new. These three goals just add to replayability as once you have better heroes and more powerful guns you can go back and obliterate those levels.

random screen2

There are 10 achievements in the game giving out a total of 52,000 XP and are all possible to get without having to buy anything in game, unlike in Random Heroes 2 which had an achievement called “Pay to Fun”. All of the random hero games have had in app purchases even though they are paid games. For the most part I normally find this an outrage but the game only costs £0.64. That’s cheaper than a 330ml can of Coca-Cola at Tesco’s and it takes a lot longer to finish! The IAP are for skulls and coins so if you don’t have the time or patience to collect all the skulls and coins needed for the top heroes and guns you can buy them to have a fun quick game. Nothing wrong with that considering the busy lifestyle and attention span most people have nowadays.


If you played random heroes 1 and 2 you will want to play random heroes 3 to finish the story and to get as much enjoyment out of 3 as you did the others. If you have never heard of random heroes then it’s time to try them out! Download links below.



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